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free javascript editor

JavaScript Editor - Helps you write JavaScript Code (and lots more!)

The current version of jsEditor is Version: 2.0431. All users should download this version. Existing registered users should download this version. The 2004 in the name relates to the version number. The first version of jsEditor was released in 1998.

To be frank, the most useful feature of jsEditor is the Find Bar. Unlike a regular find which finds the items in sequence, all the matches are shown in the find bar in context. If you type "function", you get a list of all the functions on your page. If you type a variable name you can see all instances of the variable. It is particularly useful when renaming variables or checking whether one variable has been typed in the wrong case.

Another feature enables you to get a list of all the functions in your page, and in linked pages (.js files) by clicking F6. This is used to call functions, say from an "onclick" event. If you are like me, you will have forgotten the exact name of your functions, especially those in .js files. So this feature is extremely helpful.

The utility, Find in Files enables you to search the current directory or subdirectories for text, and obtain a list of files. You can open these files in jsEditor by double-clicking on them. You can also save the file list for later use.

You can also Find Files using jsEditor. The advantage of this over the Windows' find files is that the files can be loaded directly into jsEditor, and the find is probably faster. You can, of course, use wild cards in your search.

Code Helper is a popup windown which gives you hints on adding code, particularly on spelling. A number of changes have been made: code helper is now more intelligent and which finds names and IDs in your document. For existing users, I suggest that you back up your 'data' and 'code' directories if you have made changes, or install the new version in a new directory, otherwise your new code may be overwritten   (:-/.

For multi-user licensing, click here.

Download jsEditor 30 day version

Download jsEditor 30-day version

To download the 30 day version: right-click on the image on the left and choose 'Save Target As'. Or 'Copy Shortcut' and use your FTP client. It is about 2.7M zipped, so it won't take long. Or click (or right-click) here. This has an install program to automatically install the Editor on your system. This is the recommended download.  people have visited this page.

The unregistered version works the same as the registered version for 30 days. There are no popup advertisements and no nag screens (unless you consider the register dialog at start-up a nag screen!)

All currently registered jsEditor owners are entitled to free updates. Just download the current shareware version and insert your unlock codes. If there are any questions, please contact . Before installing a new version, you should back up your data and code directories, if you have made changes to the database or code in Code Helper.

Newer Features: List Functions gives you a list of all the functions on your page and in linked ".js" files. Code Help is more intelligent and selects properties for your objects. It also finds names and IDs in your document. There are new image and hyperlink dialogues. Try, catch, finally, boilerplate code.

Convert rich text to HTML, and find between markers. Find Between Markers enables you find text between two 'markers' such as start text and end text. Very useful when updating pages and finding old repeated code or text..

Screen shot...

Download URL (FTP Client): https://trans4mind.com/personal_development/jsEditorTutorial/jsEditor96Install.EXE

See also: Ken Ward's Zipper - FREE zip and unzip utility.Download it now!

Get the Full Version online now If you are learning JavaScript (or HTML) the Editor makes it easier for you to understand what is happening. For example, you can see the relative filenames and titles in the boxes. In this way, the Editor helps you see what is going on and to understand.

You can obtain a registered version of the jsEditor online.


Features of jsEditor 2004:

  • No nag screens. However, if you intend to register, don't wait till the last minute:-)
  • Option of showing line numbers in side panel
  • Customisable Code Help
  • Undo and Redo (lots of levels)
  • Line and Character numbers, and goto line to help find Java Script errors!
  • Loads big files
  • File box has options of opening a file in the default browser or the default editor.
  • Press F4 for code examples and instant JavaScript- you can even add your own code examples to use later!
  • smallnew.gif (926 bytes)Find Bar - Finds all occurrences of a word or phrase so you can navigate your document faster and better.
  • Find (text) in Files - find files containing search text, and load them directly into jsEditor
  • Find Files - find files and load them directly into jsEditor.
  • Spell checking
  • Windows Help File
  • Automatic Syntax Highlighting
  • Helpful Wizards and Dialogs
  • Tutorial in HTML
  • Sort a list - ascending, descending, remove duplicates
  • Recent Files List
  • Enough HTML
  • Valuable Utilities
  • Useful Data, also accessible through F4 for words at the cursor - this database is customisable! It is continually updated.
  • Style Sheets
  • Open current file in Viewer
  • Open file in another editor
  • Easily open files in your default browser or editor.
  • Open saved file in Browser (Choice of two browsers, say IE and Netscape)
  • Search or Replace
  • Open a basic HTML file to make a quick page
  • Add Java Script Tags quickly to save time and bother
  • It's very fast. For example, when you open the Search Engine Generator, jsEditor creates this program (although it seems to do it instantly) and when you close Search Engine Generator, jsEditor destroys the program, so it does not take up computer memory you aren't using. Code Helper and Database are there all the time, though,
  • Preview Files

It contains the following wizards:

  • New Windows Wizard (or dialogue) for loading files in a popup windows or writing them on the fly.
  • The Alerts Wizard creates alerts easily - especially those with several lines of text.
  • Spell Checking
  • The Function Wizard writes general functions by putting in the basics.
  • The Tables Wizard creates new tables, and
  • The Dummy Link Wizard gets to the heart of JavaScript - helping you write onclick, onmouse and other events easily. You can even add Link Titles!
  • Array wizard - type in your items and the dialog makes an array for you.
  • The Cookie Message Wizard -

The jsEditor contains as part of its functionality:

  • LinkRot and Rubbish find broken links are orphan files
  • Convert HTML to text - which can join files together (concatenate).
  • Convert HTML to viewable HTML (< and > to &lt; and &gt;)
  • Search Engine Generator, which creates a virtual search
  • Find image alternate text - a forgotten area in Web Design.

Screen resolution: 800x600

Size: about 2.7 megabytes zipped with install facility..

How to uninstall it: Just choose uninstall on the start menu! Or manually delete the files, directories, etc, if you used the zip version.

How to download the 30 day version: Right click the image below and choose Save Target As

Right-click and choose 'Save as ...' to download the 30 day version.

How to use it: Just click a bit and you'll get the hang of it! It really is easy if you have used Windows programs! If you do have any questions, please contact . Check out the tutorial included with the program, and use the context-sensitive help (That is, press F1 for help on the selected part of the program).

Let me know how you get on!

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