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JavaScript Editor - Pricing and Multi-User

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jsEditor is available as a downloadable shareware, electronic product only. Documentation is in the form of a windows help file and some HTML files.

Upgrades have been free in the past and there is no current intention to charge for them, although the right to do so is retained.

jsEditor is a shareware product and can be downloaded and fully evaluated for 30 days so returns, refunds, etc, are not normally allowed, although local laws and conditions apply. Pricing is as follows:



Price Minimum User Price
1 (Single User) $30 $30
10 $100 $10
30 $150 $5
100 $300 $3

Meaning of the Licences

Single User

This means only one copy of the software is used at any one time.

Multiple Users

This has different meanings from Educational use and other use.

In general, a multiple user licence means that no more than the number of users stated in the licence may use or potentially use the software at any one time. For instance, a business with six  users and six computers with jsEditor installed, and three home-workers with computers, each with a copy of jsEditor installed, would need only a 10-user licence (because there are potentially nine users at a given time). The six company workers might also have a copy of the software installed at home, but could not use both copies at the same time, and so this would not count as additional users.

For educational use it is different. The number of users is the number of potential, formal users of the software at any given time in the educational establishment. So a teacher with a class of maximum size 28, would need a 30-user licence. The teacher may have 20 or so of these classes, but no class size and the number of other's using the software in the course of their employment would not exceed 30 at a given time. Students who are not members of a class who are given a copy of the software would count as an additional user.

Educational establishments can provide students with a copy of the software to use at home or elsewhere for private study purposes. Whilst this might mean that several hundred students were potential users of the software, only a licence for the maximum class size and the number of employees in that establishment using the software is required.

How does a multi-user licence differ from a single licence?

Multi-user licences have different user names and passwords from the single-user license. These registration codes will change more often than those for a single licence. This means that, for example, an ex-student would not be able to obtain future upgrades. The purchasing organization is informed of any new registration procedures, which would pass this information on to its employees or students.



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