Free software products

The following free software products are available from this site:


Compress files in the zip format. Reduces the size of files, without losing data. Because jpeg files are already compressed, zipper makes them only a little smaller (perhaps 10%). To make jpeg files smaller for sending by email or on-disc, use makeup. Zipper's page.


Makeup can reduce the quality of jpeg files, so they are smaller on disc, or when sent by email. Unlike zipper, it reduces the quality of the image or photograph. When the quality is reduced, the image may look the same or be acceptable. When the quality is reduced too much, the difference may be obvious. Sometimes text documents (from the scanner) can have their quality reduced significantly, and look rough, but still be acceptable. With photographs, the quality can often be reduced, and the file-size significantly reduced without the loss of quality being noticeable. Makeup's page.

Image Viewer

Image Viewer is a dot Net program for viewing images on a hard disc in Windows. Image Viewer's page.

Image Editor (photo editor)

Ken Ward's Image Filters is a free photo editor for adjusting various kinds of images.

jpeg Optimiser

jpeg Optimiser is a free program to 'compress' jpegs. Ken Ward's jpeg Optimiser's page.