Imagify is a powerful image optimization plugin for WordPress. It allows users to compress and resize images manually or in bulk without losing quality. It also converts images to the WebP format in no time. If needed, it’s always possible to restore photos to their original version. Compressing images with Imagify is straightforward. Imagify offers both lossy and lossless compression according to specific needs. Compressing images is a key step in optimizing image performance and speeding up a website. The photos will be smaller in size and faster to load, thanks to image compression. As a result, the site’s speed will improve, as well as key performance metrics, such as Core Web Vitals.

Tips for Optimized Images on WordPress

Most of the time, the image file weight is not suitable for a WordPress site and impacts its loading speed. This aspect over time will make you lose traffic, as it mainly hinders the positioning of your site. Thus, compress images allows you to offer a functional overview that facilitates navigation of your site by Internet users.

In this case, it is recommended to use an optimization plug-in to compress the images. Among others, Imagify remains the reference tool for optimizing images. Also, Imsanity and WP Smush are alternatives for Imagify. Some tools are paid and others are free. The advantage of these tools is that they don't impact the quality of the pictures in any way, even when manually resizing one or more supports.

However, to improve the use of optimization tools and ensure its effectiveness, consider the following guidelines:

  • Evaluate the size of the thematic: be aware that on a Wordpress site, Widgets and themes determine the size of the pictures;
  • Reduce the weight of images and choose the appropriate format: JPEG, GIF, PNG;
  • Select the appropriate graphic resolution before uploading them: the file size should be as small as possible.

Makeup: a Free Change Image (Basic Photo Editor) Utility for Windows

A free convert image utility (photo editor) for windows by Ken Ward. This free program can compress a JPEG and make the file smaller while retaining acceptable quality in the image. It can also change the brightness, contrast and sharpness of the image, and rotate the image. Makeup can also change the colours...

Makeup is a free program that enables you to reduce the file size of JPEG images. It also does a few other things too. JPEG images have a compression quality, where the size of the image is reduced and its quality is reduced too. Usually, you can reduce the quality of the image to make the file size much smaller, as when you wish to put the image on the internet or send it by email. Reducing the quality may not make the image look significantly worse.

Makeup is a beta program, and all the buttons, etc, might not line up. Feedback is appreciated.

Makeup is supported only by donations, and does not contain any spyware, or similar hidden programs.

If you would like, make a donation

(whatever amount you feel appropriate)

Having made your donation, please download Makeup directly from the link below.

Click here to download Makeup

Makeup is a free program, and you don't need to pay anything for it. It doesn't contain pop-up ads or other annoying things. However, the program isn't free to maintain and wasn't free to create, because it contains commercial components and was built with professional programming software. It isn't a cheap program, and rivals many commercial programs in simplicity and ease of use. A donation would be much apreciated because it would help to further maintain and develop the program, keep it freely available and support the development of further free programs. Having said that, the program is completely free and you don't have to pay a cent!

Please download the program and have fun :-)

 free zip program  for windows

[Zipper- Free Zip Program]

free zip and unzip utility for windows

Topics on this page:

  1. History
  2. Image Editor Features
  3. Files
  4. Installation


We had a bad pdf file to process - the image were too faint and crooked. So we extracted them and found we had about 150 enormous images to process. The thought of using a High-Street program to do this... waiting for it to load the images, going through the menus and waiting for it to process the files... there had to be a better way. So rather than to do this boring task

Much better to spend a couple of hours writing a program to do these basic things...

... several weeks or months later Makeup appears.

Makeup is a basic image editor that can resize JPEG images and compress them. You can also use it do other things such as enhance the contrast, sharpen and lighten (and darken) the image. After processing the image, you can save it as a JPEG, where you get a dialog where you can change the compression quality and save the file.

Processing of the original images is nearly finished:-)

Makeup Basic Image Editor


  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Can compress JPEGs
  • Contrast Enhancement, Sharpen and Lightness
  • Flip, Reverse and Rotate (small angle only!)
  • Shows file sizes
  • Very fast
  • Preview Screens

You can download the program by clicking here and choosing 'Save File As ...' or similar depending on your browser.

Installation Program file name: instMakeup.exe

Installer Size: 666K


  1. makeup.exe (this is Makeup)


Before you can use Makeup, you need to get it on your computer's hard drive. Makeup is offered here as an install program. The install program is not yet Makeup. It is a program that puts Makeup where you want it on your hard drive (usually in "Program Files") and puts a link to Makeup on your "Start" menu. This program is called: "instMakeup.exe". When you download this program onto your hard drive, you can double-click it to start the installation process.

  1. Download the file to somewhere on your hard disc where you can find it again :-)
  2. Double click on the file to activate it. The install program will give you instructions.
  3. Follow these instructions

The program "makeup.exe". That is Makeup. You can find Makeup by going to your "Start" menu and finding it on the "Programs" menu (Where it is called "Ken Ward's Makeup").

Have fun with this free image utility!


Makeup should work on any Windows 9x system, including XP. Makeup is designed to have limited memory requirements, so should work when others do not have sufficient resources.

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