jsEditor - function wizard

The function wizard makes a function for you, or more accurately it sets you up to write a function. Often you will use the function option in the JavaScript tags menu to quickly add a boilerplate function. On other occasions, you might prefer this wizard. Click in the HEAD of the main page and choose this wizard from the Wizards menu.

Normally the function checkbox will be left checked - after all this is the function wizard and you need a function! If you do deselect it, it will add only the conditions, alerts, etc. If you check JavaScript tags, then function code is added automatically. If you think it through, you will realise it is simple logic.

There are a few common built in function that you might wish to add, such as if, alert, for and while. The example code is meant to remind you -  to use a double equals single with an if condition! And a single one for a for loop.

The Wizard Function Link is automatically updated with the function name you choose so you can use it to put your link in the BODY of your document.

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