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With the directory box on your left, you can easily browse Internet files on your hard disc.

[Do check the appearance of jsEditor on your system. It will look quite different on XP than Windows 95, for example.]

If you click on Preview when you are editing HTML, the current work is shown in the browser. If you double-click on other files while in this mode, or click on a hyperlink, these files are shown in the viewer, but the HTML file is unchanged. In jsEditor the filename is shown in box at the top. When previewing files in the Viewer, the name is that of the current file. The file in the HTML section remains unchanged, and when you select HTML, the filename will change to this one. In Preview, the slashes are forward slashes, and in HTML mode they are backslashes!

jsEditor - low quality screen shot

If you wish to edit one of the files you have loaded in Preview Mode, then you can click the HTML Tab and then double-click in the file box on the filename of the document you were viewing. The file loads in the HTML part of the Editor. If the original file has not been saved, you are given the option of saving it before the new file is loaded.

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