Ken Ward's Java Script Tutorial ...

JavaScript tutorial... achieving RESULTS with Java Script - you will learn to use JavaScript with some knowledge. The tutorial is something between learning about Java Script and Cut and Paste. The information is useful to both the beginner and the more experienced too. Click here to go to the table of contents , below. Or go to the JavaScript search also below. You will find more pages in the table of contents written on the fly by JavaScript.

Also note that there is more info in the JavaScript Tutorial 2 . This second tutorial was intended to deal more with the language, rather than with solving problems, which this tutorial deals with. Also visit the css tutorial. There is also a php tutorial.

Important Note : In writing this tutorial I have tried to use code that works in most browsers. For this reason, I have not dealt with some code which works only in one main browser. I have not fully succeeded in this because, for one reason, later versions of browsers do not always support code written for earlier versions. So what works in Nav 3, might not work in Nav 6! (Even though the code is correct!)

This tutorial is not a "lazy man's way to using JavaScript". It is intended for those who want to learn about JavaScript rather than those who want a quick fix.

The tutorial was first written some years ago, at a time when I was struggling to do things with JavaScript. I hope this makes the
tutorial easier to understand. Had I written it today, I might have assumed too much.

If you have any questions, consider addressing them to the mailing list 1stJavaScript, mentioned below.

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Introduction and Table of Contents

You can use the double-drop down menu below to find articles on HTML, CSS or Java Script in this site, or go straight to the table of contents on this page.

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HTML and Style Sheets

If you want to learn HTML then click here. If you want to learn about cascading style sheets, then click here.

Let's get started shall we ...

Java Script Tutorial Table_of_Contents

  1. Message Boxes
    1. Text Alerts
    2. Alerts with images
    3. Jumping with a form button
    4. Confirming Options
    5. More on the Confirmation Message Box
    6. Hello and Goodbye Messages
    7. Hover Buttons
  2. Prompting for User Input
  3. Two Dimensional Arrays
  4. Writing with Java Script
  5. Writing where you want in a document
  6. Opening new Windows
    1. Writing to Windows
    2. Using Hyperlinks in New Windows
  7. Drop-down menus
    1. Opening pages from a menu in a new window
    2. Menus without a buttons
    3. Drop Down Menus using iframes
  8. Menus with Descriptions
    1. Menu with Descriptions, using images
  9. Frames
    1. Hyperlinks in Frames
    2. Hyperlinks in Frames - More
    3. Loading Orphans in their Parent
    4. Loading Orphans in their Parent 2
  10. Backward and Forward Buttons (These actually control the pages, not history.)
  11. Using a Menu to Write a Menu
  12. Back/Forward Buttons 3
  13. Back/Forward Buttons 4
  14. Writing a table of contents
  15. A JavaScript Search Engine
  16. Search Engine in Frames
  17. Search Engine in IFRAMES
  18. Using Selects as Menus
  19. Collecting User Information
  20. Image Slide Show
  21. Slide Show Using Frames
    1. Slide Show 0
    2. Slide Show 1
    3. Slide Show 2
    4. Slide Show 3
    5. Slide Show 4
  22. Random Images - a new image every time you visit the site - almost!
    1. Slide Show (New Image) with Select
    2. JavaScript-New Image With Links
  23. Setting and viewing cookies
    1. More on setting cookies
    2. Getting information from cookies
    3. Using cookies to remember the user's name
    4. Allowing the user to change the name
  24. Telling users how many times they have visited the page.
  25. Time
    1. The mystery of time
    2. Time: Days of the week
    3. Time: Months
    4. Time: Days to Christmas
  26. The Triple Menu
    1. Triple Menu 1
    2. Triple Menu 2
    3. Triple Menu 3
    4. Triple Menu 4
    5. Triple Menu 5
    6. Triple Menu 6
    7. Triple Menu 7:open in iframe
  27. JavaScript- Regular Expressions Simple Usage
  28. Picture with combobox
  29. JavaScript- Long Numbers (Pi and the Universe)
  30. JavaScript- Long Numbers - Add
  31. JavaScript- Long Numbers - Subtracting
  32. JavaScript- Multiplying Long Numbers
  33. JavaScript- Calculating Pi
  34. See also the second tutorial .


See also the HTML Tutorial .