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The JavaScript popup menu takes the hard work out writing script - while you remain in charge!

javascriptPopUp.jpg (30084 bytes)This menu like the previous one, has one or two useful features for those writing JavaScript programs. For example, the Insert item gives options for inserting js files, css files, a plain relative filename, a file title and quotes.


In JavaScript there are often beginning and ending brackets and beginning and ending quotes. It is sometimes time saving to select something and then put quotes round it. It sometimes saves us time are errors when we have the start and ending brackets in place, as when we write an if-statement.

This editor does not do anything you can't do yourself. And it can't do things you can't do.

It saves time and trouble and errors. However, if you choose the new window option, and enter the head code between JavaScript tags and function tags, then after selecting the hyperlink you have a working pop-up window. However, its purpose is to give you a quick template that will enable you to modify to get what you want.

To be fair to it, it does remind you of function formats as when, for example, you select an if-statement, you have the code written out in the correct way. You then have to add your conditions and statements.

Apart from reminding you of things you might have forgotten, its main purpose is to save you time typing. Do not expect it to write complete JavaScript for you! It is an extremely useful aid in learning and writing JavaScript, but you still have to learn JavaScript!

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