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Ken Ward's jsEditor (Full version) - Tutorial

Top Menu

When you load the editor you will notice a menu at the top. Put the cursor on the items below and wait a second or two to view the message.

The top menu bar

The first two buttons are fairly obviously the open and save buttons. The third button, opens the current file in the default browser. And the one with an envelope, loads an e-mail for feedback.

The next 3 buttons are of more interest. The first when pressed activates the HTML mode so that when the page is right clicked the HTML menu appears. The second button - STD for standard - is the one for the standard menu (It is shown here flat). The label on the right tells us that the standard mode has been chosen (which is why the STD button is flat!) The standard popup menu gives us options to choose cut, copy, past, find, etc. Just regular stuff.

The HTML button activates the appropriate popup for HTML. The label on the right will say HTML mode. The popup menu for the page now gives us options related to writing HTML.

The third button in this series - JS for JavaScript - enables the JavaScript popup on the page. When it is pressed, the label will say 'JavaScript Mode'.

You can access the menus - whichever mode you are in - by right clicking the buttons.

When the editor loads, you will notice a large bar on the left. If you press the button named 'Toggle Menu' it toggles this bar - that is, if the bar isn't there, it will appear, and if it is present it will disappear.The next page describes the side bar.Purchase the Full Version online now

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