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Easily accomplish simple HTML tasks from the HTML popup menu!

This HTML popup makes writing JavaScript easier by helping you with the HTML you might want to write when writing JavaScript. For example, often we need a drop-down menu and here it helps us perhaps more than many other programs. In other cases, you get the HTML you need for your JavaScript. I am writing this with MS Frontpage Editor. But if I were writing JavaScript, then I would use the jseditor.
In general, when you select something, jsEditor will place the tags around it. If you don't select something, then the tags may be empty, ready for you to fill them in with your information.

If you don't select any text, the LINK, will use the selected relative filename for its URL and the title of that file for its link text, t. It will always use the selected URL, however, because almost always that's what we want. (When you don't want to use the selected file, you would use the Dummy Link Wizard).

INSERT TOC inserts the hyperlinks to the files in the currently selected directory at the cursor position in the document. This inserts links, titles and line breaks for all the files in that directory.

The TOC LINK inserts the links for the selected file only, and a <BR>.

The PARAGRAPH item will enclose the selected text in <P> and </P> tags, or just put a <P> tag in if none is selected. The break just puts a <BR> tag in whatever you do!

Some items will just put a value in. The HEX COLOUR lets you choose a colour and then inserts the Hex Value for it. You would put this value in the appropriate place for body, font, etc, colours. The editor will also add bgColor. And, of course, it uses the colour properties in the FONT DIALOGUE.

You can also use the FORM DIALOGUE which will enter the normal form elements and a button. You can add other elements to this if you wish.

Other items have a number of choices, such as that for FORMS. The form item simply puts in the form tags. The select puts the select tags in with an example option with 'selected' and a plain option.

The option item puts an option in place with a value of the selected URL and the option text of the title of the selected file. If any text is selected it would use that instead of the title. This makes creating a drop-down menu much faster than alternative methods.

The image item, for example is very basic and just puts image tags in using the selected filename for the SRC value. If the selected file is an Internet image file. Otherwise, it leaves the SRC value empty.

The next menu we will look at is the JavaScript Menu.

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