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JavaScript Editor: the jsEditor helps you to quickly and easily write JavaScript. Its utilities help you create and manage Internet files, including Style Sheets. It can find functions in the current page and in any linked ".js" files

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List Functions

You can get a list of functions on the current page in jsEditor, and in any linked ".js" files, by pressing the F6 key, and the following dialog appears:

listFunctions.jpg (42907 Byte) The dialog can take 2 or 3 seconds to appear on a slow computer when loading information from linked ".js" files. If the cursor is on a word when you hit F6, this is the "word" that will be used to search the list for a function.

In this case the "word" is "changeFilesDMA". When you type something in the edit box, "Type Function Name", the dialog searches for functions in the box that contain the text you have typed. Unlike Code Helper, it does not search for functions that begin with the first letter you type, but finds those which contain the text. Normally, the box will contain few functions, but in this case it has found 30 of them (mainly in a ".js" file).

  You can evoke List Functions by pressing F6, or by Main Menu: Tools: List Functions.

Double-clicking on a function name in the list will enter it into the document, as will pressing return or clicking on the "enter" button.