Java Script Editor - Find in Files Screen. You can search for text in files including subdirectories and load them in the java script editor, jseditor

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Java Script Editor - Find in Files

Find in Files is a new utility in jsEditor, the java script editor, which enables you to search files for text, and load the files in jsEditor.

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You can choose the start directory for your search in either of two ways: you can navigate trhough the directories on the left until you find your directory. It will be automatically loaded in the Start Directory box. Alternatively, you can select a directory using the dialog that appears when you click on the button with a folder image (to the right of Start Directory).

When you enter some text in the Text to Find box, the Find in Files button becomes enabled. You can choose whether you want to search the current directory only, or whether you wish to search all the subdirectories below the current directory. You can also choose whether to search for Whole Words (or any words that contain the search text). You can cancel the search by clicking on the Cancel button.

Any files containing the find text appear in the box below, in the Files Found box. You can open any file in jsEditor, the java script editor, by double-clicking it in this box.

You can save the list of files in the Files Found box, reopen a previously saved list, delete any selected item in the list, and delete the whole list.

How to download the 30 day version: Right click the image below and choose Save Target As

Right-click and  choose 'Save as ...' to download the 30 day version.

How to use it: Just click a bit and you'll get the hang of it! It really is easy if you have used Windows programs! If you do have any questions, please contact . Check out the tutorial included with the program.

Let me know how you get on!

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