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Welcome to the HTML tutorial. This is hopefully a rather easy tutorial in HTML for the beginner, although there is information that the more experienced might find useful. It is a very good idea to at least have a general understanding of HTML even if you never plan to build a website. With a little bit of HTML knowledge, you can make anything from motorcycle classifieds to garage sale postings stand out on places like CraigsList by using HTML to make words bold or underlined, increase the font size, include pictures or links or even change the background color!

Click on the Introduction and get started or pick a topic and work from there. Please remember that I have only put important things in this tutorial, and I have tried to include the most important things. I hope that you have fun, and that you learn something! To learn about Java Script click here. To learn about cascading style sheets, click here. If you are interested in the recommended books and software, click here .

Download a zip of all of Ken's Tutorials (HTML, JavaScript and StyleSheets) for reading on your computer offline - KenTuts.exe [2.2 MB]

This tutorial:

  • Contains information on search engine positioning
  • Points not found elsewhere, or not easily available
  1. Introduction
    1. Tags
    2. Basic Page
  2. Headings
    1. The basic page
    2. The basic page with headings
    3. The six headings
  3. Making comments in HTMl
  4. Bold Text
  5. Using Page Colour
    1. An example of using background colour
    2. An example page using text colour
  6. Using Background Images
  7. Putting in horizontal rules
  8. Jumping to a new page
  9. Jumping within a page.
  10. Images
    1. Inserting Images
    2. Getting the images aligned
    3. Jumping to a new page from an image.
    4. Image Areas
  11. Listing things using
    1. bullets,
    2. numbers,
    3. definitions,
    4. menus and
    5. directories.
  12. Controlling the fonts.
  13. Inserting Tables
    1. More on Tables!
      1. Colours
      2. Alignment
      3. Backgrounds
      4. Nested Tables
    1. Example Table with Code.
    2. Row and Column Spans Example
    3. Aligning the contents of cells.
    4. Cell Padding
  14. Frames Simple - Rows and Columns
    1. The frames tag
    2. Dividing Rows in Columns, etc
  15. The frame page
    1. Introducing frames
    2. Frames — the code
    3. Putting in the rows and columns.
    4. Dividing the page into columns.
    5. Example page dividing a page into two rows
    6. Example page dividing a page into two columns
    7. Jumping in frames.
  16. The noframes tag!
  17. Iframes
    1. Iframes
    2. Iframes: Opening menu items in an iframe (JavaScript)
    3. Iframes: Opening a page from one iframe in another.
  18. Forms
    1. Buttons in Forms
    2. Menus in Forms
  19. Meta tags.
  20. Doing it with style!
    1. How to achieve a meaningful style (Language)
    2. Search Engine Problems with Images and Tables
      1. What the search engine sees!
  21. Making your site navigable
  22. Language of HTML
  23. Summary of XHTML

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