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How to Redesign Your Logo for Greater Success in 2022

Redesign Your Logo

Rebranding is an improvement of the brand, its reformation. You can change your logo, change the format of your packaging, or completely restructure your company. The rebranding will be useful in many cases:

  • conquering new markets;
  • fighting against strong new competitors;
  • mergers.

But it will be completely contraindicated in attempts to hide the crisis or narcissism of the new CEO. It is a complex multistep process, capable of returning and increasing your position, and if used incorrectly it will finally ruin your business.

What is rebranding?

In layman's parlance, rebranding refers to any change – from a small logo design update to a complete rethinking of the concept and all brand components. And, indeed, these transformations are related to rebranding in a certain way but do not reflect its entire essence. Repositioning, restyling, and redesign have a connection with rebranding, but they should not be confused.

  • Repositioning is a change in the main and basic characteristics of a brand.
  • Restyling, redesign – changing the logo, corporate identity, and other visual attributes in the image of the new or existing positioning.
  • Rebranding is the creation of a new impression of the target audience about the company, by changing the main and basic characteristics of the brand (repositioning), as well as changes in the logo and corporate identity of the company (restyling, redesign).

Reasons for rebranding

Several reasons determine the goals and tasks of rebranding. Here are the main ones:

  • Initially wrong brand positioning.
  • A change in the company's philosophy.
  • Appearance of powerful competitors.
  • Change or expansion of the target audience.
  • Conquest of new markets.
  • Merger of companies.
  • Increase reputation.

Incorrect brand positioning at the outset

Many companies choose the wrong positioning: a questionable image, poor marketing strategy. As a result, the wrong target audience and burying the entire project. Rebranding can allow the brand to survive and begin to develop.

Changing the company's philosophy

Brand values, concept, mission, are the reason for a brand change. Changing the internal settings of the company, the external transformation becomes logical and necessary.

The appearance of powerful competitors

Over time, any brand begins to lose its position with the emergence of new competitors. It is necessary to change both externally and internally to develop.

Changing or expanding your target audience

Your consumers «today» are not «like yesterday.» And to meet their needs and interests, your brand needs to change too. When planning a move to a different price category, be sure to reflect this in the brand, otherwise, in the eyes of the consumer, these changes will not be justified.

Conquering new markets

When entering an international market the visual part of your brand should be understandable to other countries. And, of course, it is necessary to revise or completely change the corporate identity. At the same time conduct an audit on the ideological component of the brand (mission, values, philosophy).

Merger of companies

When several companies merge into one, the brand changes. Depending on the specifics of your business, you create a new brand or adjust one of the existing brands.

Reputation enhancement

If a company has been involved in high-profile scandals, rebranding can reduce negative associations and attract the attention of new consumers.

In general, the purpose of rebranding is to significantly improve the position of the brand and its products.

How to rebrand in 2022: tips for logo design

Redesign Your Logo

Your logo is the visual identity by which people identify you. Therefore, it is crucial that it attracts attention and is liked by every customer. However, a logo is not always able to live up to expectations, which is when rebranding comes to the rescue. Here are some tips on how to redesign your logo and make your brand widely recognizable and profitable.

Choosing the perfect color palette

Choosing a color palette is probably the most important aspect of your logo design. Most important is understanding the rules of color combination. You need to be sure that the colors you choose complement each other, thereby attracting a lot of attention. An ideal example would be the company Ikea, whose logo is presented in a yellow and blue color scheme. These colors are well combined and complement each other, and this provides brand recognition. This color scheme is created by using two colors located against each other on the color wheel.

Learning your audience

Some brands have a similar audience because they provide goods and services to the masses. However, more often than not, the audience of the companies is different and it is worth paying attention to when developing a new logo design.

For example, Disney is a classic brand that knows its target audience well. The company's handwritten, playful logo hasn't lost its relevance over time. Learn your target audience well, particularly their wants and needs, before you start redesigning your logo.

Lack of excessive detail

The value of Microsoft Windows is truly impressive, while at the same time the company's logo is quite simple and consists of four small squares combined. This is great proof that the smaller the better. You should not limit your creativity to serious limits, but keep in mind the simplicity and brevity.


The mistake of many companies, who want to change the design of their logo, is to blindly copy other people's ideas. Remember that plagiarism is a road to nowhere. Not only can you not get a new audience, but you can lose the old one. You will become a laughingstock and can get «bogged down» in litigation. It is important to understand the needs of your customers and based on that develop a new design that will present your product in the best possible light.

Using a beautiful legend

A logo quite often has a story or secret meaning. Modern logos are surrounded by beautiful legends. For example, the Chupa Chups logo, whose inventor doesn't like children. Or the Apple apple, drawn with a bite to distinguish it from a tomato. If you don't have your own story, make one up! People love beautiful legends. Your new logo design should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also meaningful.


Rebranding, and especially redesigning the logo, has helped many companies regain and even increase their market position. However, this tool only works when used correctly. After all, good rebranding is achieved when a company works on its mistakes and successes, and on their basis creates a new vision and brand mission.

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