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“When we love, we are the universe and the universe lives in us.”

Peter Shepherd

TRANS4MIND was created by Peter Shepherd in 1997 and has since been offering a wealth of personal development resources, with online books, podcasts, articles, courses, quote collections, and much more. This information will help you advance on an exciting path of holistic growth and wellbeing.

This is the power and meaning of personal development: to transform your mind... hence the website, Trans4mind. With these Tools for Transformation you can be the change you wish to see in the world!


Introduction to our Tools for Transformation. We aim to open up the mind to new ideas, new challenges and new solutions - to think differently and be creative. We each have specific needs at this time on our journey, so see which resources ring a bell in your heart.

Our motto: “Minds, like parachutes, function better when open.”

“Expect only the very best in everything and everyone, and see it come forth. Keep your heart open to one another. Look for the highest good in each other, and work from that higher level of consciousness. Encourage one another in every way possible; every soul needs encouragement. You will find as you help others, you help yourself to grow at the same time.” —Eileen Caddy.
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Counterpoint Life is a tapestry of ideas, judgments, logic, feelings (physical, emotional, romantic), creativity, identity, education, intuition, awareness, health, family, community, business, technology, prosperity, growth, nature, oneness - held together by communication, understanding and empathy.

This is why personal growth needs to take an holistic approach, encompassing this broad range of aspects to our lives... So, a wealth of insight and wisdom in 20,000+ articles on many topics...

Child Development & Parenting
Communication, Relationships & Lifestyle
Emotional Intelligence
Esoteric History & Philosophy
Explore the World
Personal Success & Abundance
Goals & Improving Your Life
Gaming & Sports
Happiness & Wellbeing
Home, Garden & Building
Humor & Inspiration
Life Purpose
Meditation & Eastern Religion
New Consciousness
Spirituality & Religion
Study & Education
Transportation - Land, Sea & Air
Holidays, Traveling & Living Abroad

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Our site is expansive, with more great free resources such as: Communication Course, Emotional Intelligence, Mind Development Courses, New Life Course, Magical Wizard Programs, and a range of Guest Sites hosted by Trans4mind. Check out the Resources page for more details.

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