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“When we love, we are the universe and the universe lives in us.”

Peter Shepherd

TRANS4MIND was created by Peter Shepherd in 1997 and has since been offering a wealth of personal development resources, with online books, podcasts, articles, courses, quote collections, and much more. This information will help you advance on an exciting path of holistic growth and wellbeing.

This is the power and meaning of personal development: to transform your mind... hence the website, Trans4mind. With these Tools for Transformation you can be the change you wish to see in the world!


Introduction to our Tools for Transformation. We aim to open up the mind to new ideas, new challenges and new solutions - to think differently and be creative. We each have specific needs at this time on our journey, so see which resources ring a bell in your heart.

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Our motto: “Minds, like parachutes, function better when open.”


Imagine if - with the help of personal development - the values of the heart could be brought into our families, communities and businesses... what kind of a world would this create? Articles by Peter Shepherd illustrate this transformation.

Latest posts: Why Do Personal Development?The Ripple EffectTransform Your LifeLove and Fear: the Dichotomy of LifeAwakening of the Human BeingPositive PsychologyGratitude: The Key to Happiness


Audios by Peter Shepherd, each focused on a key personal development topic, to help you transform your life.

Latest Podcast: Love and Fear: the Dichotomy of Life

Much of the time, our choices are along the path of least resistance. What preserves our safety and comfort, the status quo. But if we want a better life than that, we can change what we choose. We can choose to stop compromising, to believe in ourselves and our values, to move forward with our lives guided by our own truth.


Become more clear about your own identity, what you want in life - your life vision - and how to manifest your full potential, with this free 30-lesson course. In addition, Trans4mind offers a range of online and home-study self-improvement courses covering key aspects of personal growth.

“Some time ago I read both The Positive Approach and The New Life Course. I found all of the information to be the most top-quality work available to someone like myself, searching endlessly for ways to make more sense of the world. So, thank you for everything that you do. It does change lives!” ~ Mandy   ...more testimonials

This program of exercises and meditations has been proven to have wondrous benefits. We recommend you introduce these methods into your life. Includes Your Inner Truth - powerful journaling tools to help you find the truth of your situation.

“Where there is love, oneness naturally exists; where there is fear, understanding and compassion go missing.” ~ Peter Shepherd

Check out our collection of complete books for you to read online - such as Peter Shepherd’s Transforming the Mind, which was originally the foundation of this site. Also a large collection of PDFs to download, including the Trans4mind Publications and lots more in our eLibrary.

Mind Development Courses

Mind Development Courses — intelligence is a skill that can be learned and these 8 courses will help transform your life.

New Life Course — uncover the self-imposed barriers to self-knowledge and freedom of expression and action.

The Insight Project — an advanced methodology for self-discovery that will help you move into new realms of awareness and insight.


Here are our favorite personal growth quotes. The most inspiring distill powerful wisdom into a few words and can make a real difference to our perception and understanding. Including: Life  Purpose, Spirituality, Success, Wisdom from the Heart, Happiness, Relationships, Leadership, Parenting, EQ, Life Transitions, Community, Creativity, Proverbs, Humor - and many further topics in the Favorite Inspiring Quotes series. Plus a page of quotes by Peter Shepherd.

“If you can help one soul to find some serenity and to realise that he/she is not neglected, but surrounded by arms of infinite love, that is a great work. It is more important than anything else.” —Silver Birch

Personality QuestionnaireKNOW YOUR OWN MIND

Free and in-depth personality test based on the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire. See yourself as others may see you, in a more objective light, so you can know yourself better.


If we do actually have a soul, then where does it go after death? Near-death experiences provide convincing answers and offer an exciting new perspective on our life cycle.


The medicine of the future will no longer be remedial, it will be preventive; not based on drugs to suppress symptoms but on the optimum nutrition for health.


Our site is expansive, with more great free resources such as: Communication Course, Emotional Intelligence, Mind Development Courses, New Life Course, Magical Wizard Programs, and a range of Guest Sites hosted by Trans4mind. Check out the Resources page for more details.


Counterpoint Life is a tapestry of ideas, judgments, logic, feelings (physical, emotional, romantic), creativity, identity, education, intuition, awareness, health, family, community, business, technology, prosperity, growth, nature, oneness - held together by communication, understanding and empathy.

This is why personal growth needs to take an holistic approach, encompassing this broad range of aspects to our lives... So, a wealth of insight and wisdom in 15,000+ articles on many topics...

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