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World of Inspiration
A treasure trove of personal development wisdom

You've seen nothing quite like this. It's a massive library of personal growth and spiritual resources. Over the years I have amassed an amazing collection of books, articles and references, which I call the "World of Inspiration eLibrary." It includes over 9,000 resources, with over 4,000 PDF ebooks you can download, many websites and audios. A lot of stuff is uniquely available here. It's BREATHTAKING!

It covers topics from nutrition to past lives; mind development to psycho-galvanometers; paganism to Buddhism; goal setting to speed reading; history, philosophy, magazines and interviews; the list goes on and on... all relevant to your self-directed education and personal growth. The breadth of materials provided means that your own particular interests are sure to be covered! It's all carefully categorized on various "shelves" so you can browse easily.

Remember: you can download what you need of this information to your own computer and print out. You don't have to read anything online if you don't want!

I've just added lots more PDFs and audios - be sure, there's some really great stuff in here! The one-time membership fee is small, just enough to cover the server bandwidth that providing the service entails.

Plunge into this treasure trove of personal development advice, spiritual good sense and key insights from the world's greatest health and personal growth experts, philosophers, coaches and psychologists.

I'm confident you will be inspired every time you dip into this abundance of wisdom - all for the very reasonable price of only US$ 15.00...

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"It seems to be a theme on your site to promote self-directed further education, especially in the areas of personal growth, psychology and spirituality. I think the eLibrary is a tremendous asset for that purpose. Some very interesting health information too. OK, there are mediocre items but they are greatly outnumbered by real gems that I would have been unlikely to find in any other way. Thank you for putting this resource together!" ~ Martina (UK)

"I want to just say 'WOW!' This collection is probably the best money I ever spent! I've already received many times over in personal enrichment after just 9 days. I've had a past metaphysical background, but even newcomers to this material will really benefit. Thanks again." ~ J.S. (Pennsylvania, USA)

"The collection is everything which you promised. And more! A superb contribution to the good of the World. Many thanks indeed." ~ R.P. (Georgia, USA)

"Just a short note of thanks for the library. I've only had membership for several days now but I already feel this is perhaps the most interesting compilation I have yet seen. Worth far more than the price of admission. The browser linked structure works well and makes it easy to manage such a large storehouse of information. It is rarely that I find something I like as much as this or that I feel strongly enough to write a note like this." ~ P.W. (Minnesota, USA)

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