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Personal Productivity Blitz:
Get The Most From Yourself

It’s easy to get down. Sometimes it’s easy to pick yourself up, sometimes it isn’t. This year has been a hard one. For those who suffer from mental health problems and those who need social interaction especially. Coronavirus has changed the way a lot of people live and given that there isn’t a vaccine out there yet, it’s here to stay for a little while longer. The lockdowns, depending on country and location, have made life hard for families too. Where people are trapped inside with their children for a long period of time instead of them going out to school, work, etc. Some people have turned this into a positive, but people are all different. This, mixed with the other turmoils of life have led to personal productivity decreasing amongst people. This might be productivity decreasing in work, or maybe you’ve stopped chasing your dream and doing what you love. A hobby cast aside with time wasted instead. Things may change, but you should always get the best from yourself. The way people fall is different, because of course people are inherently different themselves. This means advice you read may not work for you. May not even apply. The trick is to apply advice to your own situation in a bespoke way. At the very least they can alter your perspective. 

Health Should Always Come First

No matter what productivity you’re striving for, you should always make sure your health comes first. Without your health, you can’t always be productive. Health extends to all kinds of physical issues too. For example, if you find that you’re struggling to read the screen at work you should check out Not doing anything just makes it a lot worse. The same applies if you’re experiencing pain somewhere in your body. Putting your health first means you can be your best at work or whatever it’s holding you back from. But above that health has to come first anyway. You won’t get nowhere working yourself into the ground. To really get the most from yourself you need to be in good condition. If you think there’s anything wrong, get it seen to right away by the relevant professional. Listen to your friends and family. If they’re telling you something seems off with you, they’re probably right. Especially if there’s more than one of them telling you the same thing. The same applies to getting exercise. If you’re overworking the likelihood is that you will be sat down for extended periods which isn’t good for you. It’s important to get out a couple of hours a day for a walk or run to ensure you stay fit and healthy. Not doing so will only ruin productivity years down the line and it’s also good to just take a break sometimes.

Productivity Blitz

Sort Stress And Anxiety

Following neatly from health, it’s just as important to ensure your stress and anxiety don’t get out of control because they’ll hit your productivity too. It can be hard sometimes to zone in on what’s stressing you out, especially if it’s more than one thing. Stress can be bad for your physical health too. Try to zone in on the cause and deal with it as best you can. If it’s work then your best bet is to have an honest conversation with your boss or to dial back on the amount of time you’re putting into work. Anxiety is different. Most people suffer it in different portions. However, if you suffer it to a further degree you may need to seek medical help. The same applies to severe mental health problems. In the first instant, you’d do better off to speak to your family and tell them what you’re going through. Then, if you need to, get to a medical professional who can direct you towards counselling or perhaps medication. The worst thing you can do is bottle it all up and not tell anyone by trying to deal with it yourself. It just makes things worse in the long run. If you don’t feel like you can talk to anyone, try and get an appointment with your GP first and go from there.

Cut Back On The Procrastination

It’s the killer of good work. Whether you’re writing a report for you boss, putting together an essay or working on a job application. Procrastination is so hard to counter, and it’s been around for thousands of years. Even the best out there suffer from it, and the answer to it may be harder than you think. For a start, remove any distractions. Mainly, your phone. Just moving it out of view will help because it won’t catch in your vision. You can put it on loud if you’re expecting a call, or just leave it on silent so you can work. Try to work away from the kitchen table. Working near food makes it so easy to just stand up and grab a snack...all the time. If you can, work without the internet being on. Again, it’s easy to just boot up google and start looking at other websites. Different methods work for different people, but music is a great non procrastination tool, especially if it’s acoustic. Acoustic music means there will be no words for your brain to focus on, and the music itself keeps distractions at bay. Another way is to work alone. If you’re easily drawn into conversation with people around you, this is a must. Chatting away is one of the best ways to procrastinate about something.

Use The Right Tools For The Job

Your productivity isn’t going to be very high if you’re using the wrong tools for the job. You need to find out what works best for exactly what you’re doing. For example, if you’re running complicated programmes on your computer, or ones which are graphically intensive, then you need a good computer to match. If you don’t have this then you’re going to end up being frustrated. You always need the right tools for the job to ensure maximum proficiency. If you work for yourself or have your own business you may need to handle this. If you work for someone else though then they should be making sure you have the right tools for the job. This of course includes software too, if they aren’t using the right software and you know of a better one, make sure you tell them and hopefully down the line they can make things easier for yourself.

Bad Internet Speed Is The Killer Of Good Work

There’s nothing more rage inducing than slow internet. Especially if you’re up against a deadline. If you’re working from home and are suffering from bad internet, there are a number of things you can do to try and sort the problem. First, see if using a wifi booster will help. This won’t make a difference if you are working in the same room as the router, but if you’re on a different floor or at the opposite end of the house they can really make a difference. If it doesn’t, try and use an ethernet cable for a wired connection. It might not look good, but it can make a huge difference and you can plug in and unplug when needed. Cabled connections are far better and more stable. If you think it’s underperforming, speak to your provider as there might be a problem in your local area. Once you’ve ironed that out it could improve. It might just be that you need a faster speed internet. You can get it if you look for a good deal. Try not to stay with your existing provider unless you get a discount or a special deal with their cancellation department.

Work When You Work Best

Some people are early birds, others are night owls. People work differently at different times. Some better, some worse. If you have a job which allows you the flexibility of working whenever suits you, then take full advantage of it. Working when you’re more “with it” means you’ll get it done faster, thus saving you a lot of time. If you work when you’re tired, or have little energy then it might take you longer. Working right gives you time and ensures the work you’re turning out is of a good standard because you’re being productive with your timings. It allows you to give your best. You just need to be disciplined with yourself and work when suits you most. It means setting alarms and getting up early or carving out a few hours in the evening. If you don’t know when you work best, start to think about it. Look at the work you’ve done recently and think about when it flowed best. When did it come out easily and when was it a real slog to put together? Or, do some trial and error to establish when you’re at your best. Once you’re there, everything will be a little easier.

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