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The Positive Approach

Positive Approach

Free 30 Lesson Course to Help you Manifest Your Potential

The Positive Approach is a personal development course written by transformational psychologist and founder of, Peter Shepherd. The course is intended to help you become more clear about your own identity, what you want in life - your life vision - and how to manifest your full potential. You will learn how your beliefs shape your life experience and become aware of exactly how you are creating your reality. Each of these lessons includes practical elements that you can apply during the week, so your life can genuinely start to improve and you make real progress toward manifesting your vision.

Audio downloads are available in MP3 format, to listen at your leisure, perhaps on your portable player, or copied to cassette for the car. Right-click the download link and choose to save to your hard disk. Also you can listen to the online streaming audio on each lesson page.

"Making things positive doesn't mean a sunny outlook; it means making the choice to see problems as opportunities. Every problem and difficult situation is embedded with a solution - the adventure lies in finding the solution." ~ Brahma Kumaris


Human nature is universal, something we all share. But that doesn't mean human nature cannot further evolve; indeed it must, to meet the needs of Mankind's present situation, where a greater degree of peaceful cooperation, reform and justice is critical for our future survival and prosperity.

Each of us can evolve consciously by undertaking our own path of personal development, according to our individual needs, weaknesses and strengths. The information and resources of the website is designed specially to aid your personal growth, so you can better meet the challenges of life, at home and at work. To make a really good start, the Positive Approach Course covers a range of key personal development topics and most people will benefit from increasing their knowledge and abilities in these areas.

The key is to take what you learn and put it into practice in your daily life. To change the engrained habits of a lifetime, and even to change the nature programmed into your genes, is possible but it will take your determined application, over and over again, to reprogram your mind and transform yourself.

Why a "positive" approach?

Individuals tend to have a chronic emotional level; they go up and down in response to circumstances but soon return to the way of being that feels familiar to them, their habitual level.

Negative levels include being apathetic, depressed, fearful, angry, antagonistic, bored… that is the person's approach to life, and that is what they attract more of and what they see most of in the world around them: reasons to be afraid.

Positive levels include contentment, appreciation, enthusiasm, exhilaration and serenity: reasons to love. Coming from these places the world seems much brighter and more inviting, a great place to play the game of life.

A negative approach to life is based on fearful motivations, caused by many kinds of negative thinking; a positive approach is based on the motivation to create an inspiring vision, powered not by self-serving greed but by caring and loving service for the benefit of all.

The foundation for a positive approach is not just saying positive things and denying how you really feel. That doesn't work. A genuine positive approach is based on truthfulness and self-knowledge. It is based on self-respect and integrity, liking and being true to one's self - one's real self, not a version designed to appease or manipulate others, or to hide away from the challenges of life.

This course is built on the foundation of Positive Psychology, the study of happiness and what makes life most worth living. Psychology has traditionally focused on dysfunction—people with mental illness or disabling emotional trauma—and how to treat it. Positive psychology, in contrast, is a field that examines how ordinary people can make their lives better, to develop the skills they need to become happier and more fulfilled. It's the subject of personal development.

This free online personal development course is designed to help you achieve a more positive approach to your life so that you are better positioned both to realize and to manifest your full potential.

Remember, the guide on your path is your own true inner nature, your connection with the universal, and that is LOVE. Love is unconditional acceptance. At all times ask yourself, "Am I doing / thinking / saying this in love?" and you will not go far wrong.

"Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here. The spiritual journey is the relinquishment, or unlearning, of fear and the acceptance of love back into our hearts." ~ Marianne Williamson

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1. Invalidationaudio download
2. Co-Dependenceaudio download
3. Suppressionaudio download
4. Criticismaudio download
5. Whose Responsibility?audio download
6. Reconnecting with the Pastaudio download
7. Our Resource of Pleasureaudio download
8. Thought - Feeling - Actionaudio download
9. Overcoming Our Fearsaudio download
10. Letting Goaudio download
11. I Wish I Hadn't Done That!audio download
12. Self-Esteemaudio download
13. Creating Self-Esteemaudio download
14. Changing Your Mind About Yourselfaudio download
15. Improving Your Relationshipsaudio download
16. Reactive or Response-ableaudio download
17. The Why & the Lieaudio download
18. Turning Problems Into Challengesaudio download
19. Difficult Timesaudio download
20. Self-Rememberingaudio download
21. Why People Behave As They Doaudio download
22. False Beliefsaudio download
23. The Power of Affirmationsaudio download
24. Look in the Mirroraudio download
25. Creating Your Realityaudio download
26. Making Your Vision a Realityaudio download
27. Finding Out Who You Areaudio download
28. Body, Mind & Spiritaudio download
29. Learning from Our Experienceaudio download
30. The Positive Approachaudio download
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“Some time ago I read both The Positive Approach and The New Life Course. I found all of the information to be the most top-quality work available to someone like myself, searching endlessly for ways to make more sense of the world. So, I am writing in to give thanks and praise for what you all have done here on this site. A big heartfelt thankyou from me to you for putting such valuable resources out in the world available even to people without much spare money. Thank you for everything that you do. It does change lives!” ~ Mandy Mathews
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