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What About Relationships?

By Henk Schram

In our books we pose a perspective that the whole of reality that we experience stems from an all-including 'ocean of consciousness,' of which each and every one of us is a unique representation. Each one of us is a representation of the same 'overarching umbrella whole.' So are you. Your representation and experience is made unique by the sum of experiences you have gone through. Your life has been different than ours, and all your past lives (if you believe in that) have been different too.

The result is a unique 'composition' of unique experiences made manifest in the form of 'you', and you are now playing your part in the human game as a character made manifest 'physically' in our collective reality that we are creating together. From all the unique experiences taken together, the 'collective consciousness' from which all originates experiences itself from countless different subjective perspectives, evolves and grows into something more than it was before. We seem separated, but we're not.

It's just like when you step out of the water you can see separate droplets on your body. This leads you to think that the water of the ocean is made up of a whole lot of 'separate' droplets. However, when you go looking for them in the ocean you'll see that they're not separate. Instead, they're indivisibly part of the whole. They blend together. They're still there as individual droplets of water, with their own unique perspective. But they're blended in the whole ocean where they stem from.

And so are we... We are all droplets of consciousness stemming from the same source. We all have our unique perspectives and thus our unique experiences. But we're still part of the same 'whole'. Imagine all the experiences by the 'whole' from all the different perspectives!

Anyway, we hear the questions already: "Yeah, yeah. That all sounds very cheesy, vague and 'new age,' but what the deuce does that have to do with relationships?"

Well, everything actually! Because one of the most profound ways in which experiences and perspectives and thus 'opportunities for growth and evolution' are put right smack in our faces, is through the people we meet and the relationships that we engage in. This is how it works...

Life is a mirror. What happens to you on the 'outside' is a reflection of what is going on on the 'inside.' The storyline of your experience in the human game involves your direct experiences with all the events you're participating in and the other people who are involved.

Day by day, you'll see all kinds of other people passing by. To most of them you don't even talk. Also, you see events going on that you're not taking part in. Those are all different storylines playing out outside of your current range of experience. Sometimes storylines cross and other events and people become part of your direct experience. And usually, there is a reason for that.

You see, any person that comes into your life is a mirror reflection of an aspect of yourself. Such aspects can range from being related to the love that you express for yourself, to being related to feelings and beliefs of fear, guilt and resentment that you carry with you. So both persons that you like and persons you don't like are mirror reflections of what goes on inside. And without exception, they're showing you something that you need to be aware of at that point in your life, for whatever reason that may be.

The mirror merely acknowledges what's going on inside of you. The mirror doesn't lie. It doesn't show you what you want to see. It shows you what you need to face. The problem is that these acknowledgements of what's going on inside of you actually reinforce your belief systems (see our book on 'The Nature of Your Own Power' which is available for free from our website). That's what makes it so tricky.

In fact, because the things that you experience may seem to be so at odds with what you are actually trying to achieve, you may even think that all these principles of what has been come to be called 'attraction' or 'deliberate creation' and all that really don't work.

But consider this: How can you evolve if you don't face the consequences of what you are creating? How can you learn if you're not shown what you have done? How can you grow if you're not faced with the results of applying your own power (that you may not be aware of)? How can you be made aware of your own power, if what happens to you is just random and has nothing to do with what you are doing?

Life (or the 'universe', or 'the ocean of consciousness', or all the religious qualifications for it, whatever you want to call it), is doing everything to make you aware. It's putting the mirror right in front of your face. It's trying to shake you awake, while saying:

"Hello! You're all powerful, can't you see? Look in the mirror, for crying out loud! Look at you! You are creating this! If you don't like what you see, then why are you creating this?"

Probably because you are not aware that life is trying to make you aware of the fact that you are creating it. The key to 'freedom' in terms of making relationships 'work' is to recognize your interactions with people as such.

Read more about how this perspective can be applied to transform your relationships in the free PDF download "General Perspective on Relationships".

Nicholas P. Kidd and Henk J.M. Schram are the instigators of the alleged 'Great Revolution', which provides the members with truthful instructions regarding the universal principles of life.

The Revolution is receiving increasingly widespread attention for its straightforward explanations and instructions with regard to complex issues, which are made understandable for people from all walks of life. In essence, the true secrets of the 'Law of Attraction' and the other 'Universal Laws' are explained in much clearer and practical ways than the 'enigmas wrapped in riddles' that usually characterize the descriptions of the Law of Attraction and its application.

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