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Never Underestimate Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a condition in men, which makes them not able to erect for sexual activity, and even if it happens, the erection cannot be maintained for a long time. Most men have this problem, but then very few are willing to speak up about it so that they can be helped. They usually feel ashamed of talking about it, yet internally, they are dying up. Their partners are also not happy about it. Because most partners cannot stand the problem, they tend to move out for better relationships.

If you are a man who tends to have such a problem, do not underestimate its effects. One thing for sure is that the problem will impact your psychological well-being negatively. If you understood the impact it is having in your life, which might get worse, you would have looked for a permanent solution to the problem when you can do it. Have a look at some psychological impacts that this problem has in most men:

1. It leads to social stigma

Men who have erectile dysfunction tend to go through some fear of rejection as a result of social stigma. They usually feel like every person who knows them has some idea about the problem that they are going through. To men, this is not something that they will ever want to be known.

For this reason, they feel some social stigma, which makes them avoid other people. In their minds, they tend to think that the area of their weakness will be discussed. If the people around them start talking about sex, they feel out of place. In return, they end up avoiding people.

2. Fear of failing relationships

Relating to someone who is having erectile dysfunction can be very interesting until you get to know about this problem. Every woman will confess that it is better to quite such a relationship before it gets into marriage than to wait until their marriages fail. A man who has erectile dysfunction is most likely to suffer from psychological torture of starting and failing in a relationship. As much as they will feel attracted to a given woman, they are unable to express their love to them in fear that they will get another failed relationship.

3. Low esteem as far as masculinity is concerned

Anyone who has a problem to do with erectile dysfunction does not feel a sense of manhood. Some will even tell you that they don't feel any difference between them and women. Such reasoning is actually as a result of psychological torture. One thing that I am convinced about is that masculinity is not only defined by the ability to participate in sex. There are other things that are part of masculinity. The low esteem usually is as a result of the inability to engage in meaningful sex. It makes you to fear the possible outcome.

4. Sexual anxiety

This is the significant psychological impact that erectile dysfunction. If you have ever aroused a woman for sex, probably after begging for it for a long time, then it happens that you do not erect, or your erection fades away before the actual act, you will never ask for sex again. You end up having anxiety when it comes to sex. You are not sure whether you are going to succeed or fail again. At times, the anxiety automatically makes you unable to erect. With time, you will avoid sex the rest of your life unless medical attention is taken.

Is there a remedy for erectile dysfunction?

One of the significant concerns that any sober person will ask if they have this problem is whether it got a remedy or not. The good news is that erectile dysfunction is not permanent. You can still have a problem and enjoy your sex life. There are majorly two options for you. The first one is oral medication a few minutes before sex or gainswave treatment.

In the oral medication, drugs like Levitra, Viagra, and Cialis are taken by the man a few minutes before sex. These drugs are known to enable an erection. The erection that is experienced in this method is, however, temporary. This being the case, you are supposed to take it regularly. This means that whenever you plan for sex without the drugs, you might not have a good time in bed. But there is a difference between pharmaceutical drugs and health supplements, such as Semenax pills. Semenax will not only help you with erectile dysfunction but will also increase your libido and semen volume.

The next alternative is gainswave therapy, which gives a permanent solution to the problem. It has been clinically proven to help solve the problem. According to Dr. Kate Kass, in the therapy, the penis is exposed to gainswave, which dissolves the plaque that might have been formed in the blood vessels of the penis. In so doing, it boosts the blood flow in the penis and also leads to the growth of new blood veins, which will enhance further blood circulation. In return, the man can have a good erection, which can last for a longer time hence the right level of sex experience.

Final thought

You should never assume it when you suffer erectile dysfunction. You don't have to suffer the above impacts when there is a solution. Whatever the solution that you choose to go for, you can have the problem corrected so that you can be saved from the psychological torture and also enjoy life with your partner.

The oral medication is cheaper but needs to be purchased continually, something that results in much financial implication. The gainswave therapy might sound relatively expensive, but we would recommend that you go for it if you can. It is better to deal with the root cause of the problem and solve it permanently than to solve it temporarily. We hope that you are going to take a step to deal with the problem because you can. Do not underestimate the psychological torture that you are most likely to go through if you don't solve the problem.

For more information about this issue that impacts the lives of so many men, see the in-depth guide: Erectile Dysfunction – Symptoms and Causes.

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