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Effects of Alcohol Drinking

Indulgence in alcohol is a regular activity which is common among teenagers and also adults. It is consumed regularly by some while others are even addicted to the substance. However, alcohol abuse poses serious risks to both physical and mental health, as well as dangerous behavior. To gain a better understanding of the dangers of alcohol abuse and drunk driving, it is essential to read this article. It provides valuable information on the negative impacts of alcohol abuse on individuals and society, stressing the importance of seeking help and support for addiction.

These sets of people drink for different reasons. It ranges from simple thoughts to idiotic ideas. In more serious scenarios, underage alcoholics buy a fake ID online to be able to buy liquor.

Here are some of the reasons why people drink alcohol...

  • Stress relief
    Alcohol has anti-anxiety properties. Meaning it can inhibit anxiety or the feeling of stress. It is a common way for people to unwind after a day’s work. It temporarily alters the mood of the person. The person feels typically relaxed and confident. Therefore, people often use it in the form of “self-medication.”
  • Euphoria
    Euphoria is an exaggerated state of feeling high and supreme. It is a pleasant effect of alcohol, but it usually is used as a collective term to express the feeling of overwhelming states of wellbeing. It exists typically for a short time and generally occurs after alcohol consumption. Some people tend to drink alcohol to experience that state of delight and satisfaction.
  • Peer pressure
    It is one of the prominent reasons why most people indulge in alcohol drinking. Many people who are non-alcoholics tend to drink in social gatherings like weddings where alcohol is considered part of the event. Therefore they drink to have fun and enjoy the event with friends and also not to look odd one out.
  • Act of rebellion
    Most teenagers drink alcohol to be a rebel. They want to defy rules and show how mature they are. It is generally associated with adolescences factor.
  • For fun
    Being drunk with your mates creates an environment of togetherness, as a result, creates a fun experience. Some people are nervous in social situations; drinking helps them relax and have fun.
  • Environment
    Exposure to environment related to alcoholism increases the craving for alcohol such as TV programs and advertisements. Also, the accessibility of alcoholic drink plays a role in drinking.

    Although there are many other reasons why people indulge in alcohol drinking what stands out is that over-consumption has consequences. This effect affects the normal functioning of the body and the general character of the person plus the society at large.

  • Brain damage
    Alcohol effects on the brain can be felt quickly. It temporarily causes memory loss as a result affects the body coordination. Prolong use interfere with how the brain is structured as well as how the mind works. Damage to different regions of the brain such as the cerebellum which regulates voluntary movements can significantly impact body communication.
  • Heart failure
    The heart is an organ which is extremely vulnerable to the effects of alcohol. Over time, heavy consumption weakens the heart, as a result, impedes how nutrients and oxygen are delivered to the rest of the body. It also increases triglycerides levels in the blood (a type of fat in the blood). A high level of triglycerides contributes to the risk of developing health conditions such as blood pressure and irregular heartbeat. Long term consequences may lead to stroke and sudden cardiac death.
  • Liver failure
    The role of the liver is to breaks down a toxic substance in the blood. Alcohol being a poisonous substance, the liver breaks down and removes them in your body. However, too much alcohol in a short time overwhelms it and lead to fatty liver. Fatty liver causes liver failure and also type 2 diabetes. Other liver complications as a result of heavy drinking are fibroids, obesity, and cirrhosis.
  • Pancreatic cancer
    It is the organ that plays a part in the digestive process. It also helps in regulating blood sugar levels. Long term use of alcohol causes the blood vessels around your pancreas to swell leading to pancreatitis which in turn increases the risk of developing pancreatic cancer.
  • Addiction
    Alcohol withdrawal can be difficult this as a result of heavy drinking generally at this stage you need professional assistance to break alcohol addiction it is the safest way to ensure you cut the dependence since sudden withdrawal has symptoms. Some of the withdrawal symptoms are irregular heartbeat, nausea, and nervousness.
  • Sexual and reproductive health
    Men who drink too much are more likely to experience erectile dysfunction. Also, it prevents sex hormones production which at the long run lowers your libido.

    Women who drink alcohol experience irregular menstrual cycles. This puts alcoholic women at a greater risk of becoming infertile. Women also who drink when pregnant have a higher risk of premature delivery or miscarriage.

  • Spread of diseases
    Alcohol since it affects the memory, the drinker may not know who they slept with, what they did or where they went. This can result in the spreading of diseases especially the S.T.Is. According to statistics, 49% of young people having sex, 46% rarely use a condom just because they are drunk.
  • Financial problems
    When an alcoholic becomes addicted to the substance, they place a huge burden on themselves and also their families. The costs of alcohol itself steal the money from the family making it scarce. The inability to perform well in their jobs might lead even to unemployment. Other charges such as fines and penalty occurs due to alcoholic behaviors’ such as drink and driving.
  • Domestic abuse
    Having an alcoholic at home often puts relationships in jeopardy. Alcohol takes individual self-control and makes them prone to violence.
  • Increase in crime rates
    From the reports by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse, alcoholism and violence correlate. Sexual assault and violence rise due to substance intake. It starts with simple disagreements and spiral up and become out of control. This is because people do not think about the consequences when intoxicated.


Effects of alcohol are not that easy for an individual to deal with. Different stakeholders should come together and educate the people, especially the teenagers, on the consequences of alcohol abuse. The government also should come up with stringent measures to the producers and the sellers of the alcohol. Although its production has some economic value, its effects to its citizens is much worse than the revenue generated.

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