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Some Famous Personalities That Own Bitcoin and Have Probably Helped in Accelerating Its Price Fluctuations

As we all know Bitcoin has been the first cryptocurrency that is said to have existed in the digital era. When the world went into the recession of 2008 people had to undergo huge financial felonies. People had to leave their job because of the inability of the companies in failing to pay timely remuneration. They did not have ownership over the hard-earned money that they had kept for the tough times. All these led to doubt and lack of trust were formed in the people's mind as to the government's workings.

That’s when a person or group anonymous to everyone until now is said to have terms with this new type of currency where people were the sole owners of their money and they did not have to be at the mercy of these centralized authorities to do it for them for their money. A white paper concerning launching a new currency that existed digitally came in the history of the financial world. The first such currency to have existed is BITCOIN. Although the currency faced resistance from the people at present it is the most popular crypto. People around the world are striving to own Bitcoin by working in different fields. Be it by mining, investing or developing its blockchain, people are trying hard because of the wealth that it can reproduce for you. Bitcoin has become the boss of the cryptocurrency world and ever since its formation, it is continuing to be at number one and another cryptocurrency has come to give competition. Below the topic will list the names of some famous personalities that somewhere give deep fluctuations.


Elon musk is someone who has been pretty active on his social media by giving people certain hints or telling them about his favorite cryptocurrency. All his gestures have shown huge fluctuations in the market. When he allowed Bitcoin to procure Tesla cars, it proved to give a huge spike to its price. Not only Bitcoin, rather Dogecoin is another alternative coin whose price fluctuates when Musk even sneezes on Twitter about this currency. Before investing your money in bitcoin, you must read about “Is investing in bitcoin is risky”?


Mike Tyson had invested and believed in Bitcoin much earlier than any other famous personality back in 2015 and has welcomed this revolution in the financial world. He is a renowned boxer and pretty famous on social media as well. He had collaborated with Bitcoin’s ATM that possessed his face’s tattoo as its logo.


He is also a famous professional boxer and is among those personalities that own Bitcoin. His tweet in 2017, showed that he is a staunch follower of the currency as he said that '' he is expanding his wealth”. He even allowed people to call him “Floyd Crypto Mayweather”.


He is one of the most famous rappers in America. His support for the famous coin was seen much earlier when he allowed people to buy the song through Bitcoin back in 2012. His albums priced 0.3 BTC which as per the current value is around 15000 dollars.


He is another famous personality who has invested a huge sum in the currency and has been very active as per its usage. Although his statements change with time still his love and advice for people to invest in the currency has not been hidden.

The topic talks about some famous and well-known personalities that hold or rather talk about Bitcoin. I hope knowing about its popularity will encourage you to invest in Bitcoin.

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