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What is Cryptocurrency Insurance and
How it Can Protect Your Best Investments?

While cryptocurrencies may be off their record highs from earlier this year, they are still at a respectable increase as compared to the past few years. Due to volatility, theft, and loss, an estimated 1500 bitcoins are lost every day. The good news is that cryptocurrency as well as your NFts are insurable after all. Yes, there is cryptocurrency insurance available, and you’ll need to pay attention in order to find the right coverage for your specific needs whether it is geared more for DeFi, fraud, custody, business cryptocurrency insurance, or exchange insurance.The cryptocurrency insurance alone has reached over the $3 billion mark, and is showing no signs of slowing. It’s a smart move to cover what are already volatile assets.

Learn more about how to shop for cryptocurrency insurance and which policies may contain the right protections for your specific holdings in the visual deep dive below.

What is Cryptocurrency Insurance and How it Can Protect Your Best Investments

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Home Article Library Cryptocurrencies
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