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10 Secret Tips for Visiting the Czech Republic

Czech Republic

By Alexia Wolker

Europe has always been an attraction to travelers all over the world because of its history and medieval cities. Czech Republic doesn’t fail to impress when it comes to that either. Tradition, represented by its numerous castles, blends perfectly with modern shops, restaurants and nightclubs. If that sounds good, plan your trip, or ask service providers such as Worldventures to do it for you, click here and start visiting away.

Why Should You Visit Czech Republic?

What is so special about the Czech Republic? Honestly, we tend to believe it has everything. For starters, you’ll learn all about its history only by looking at spectacular architecture. Castles are most likely the main show here. Only in the capital, Prague, you’ll find more than forty of those, and they’re scattered throughout the country. Luckily, they’re open for visits in most days, so you’ll get to explore as well.

Secondly, for the fun part, everyone has heard of the beers made in Czech Republic. They have made the country famous and it’s definitely worth trying a few while you’re in their mother land. Luckily, they aren’t expensive either, so there won’t be a need to steer too far away from your budget plan.

Their transportation system is very well organized, and most of the public transport functions 24/7, at least in the capital. You can buy tickets which allow you to take any kind of bus or tram. Trains are also available for traveling in all parts of the country.

Having a good time isn’t unfamiliar to Czech people. Shopping centers and malls are always crowded and open until late in the evening. Which is perfect, since it allows you to head on to a party at midnight. You won’t go to sleep early either, since partying until morning is the general habit here. Getting breakfast right after isn’t uncommon at all.

If you’re also a fan of hiking, you’ll have many places to explore. Czechs are definitely in love with hiking and have trails everywhere. It’s easy to find maps of those too, in bookstores and probably tourist shops as well.

This central European country can be visited any time of the year. Summers are fairly hot and sunny, while winters are great for skiing. In January, an amazing winter festival is held in Prague, with music and food of all kinds. We tend to believe spring has the perfect weather. In full summer, places might get too crowded and therefore, more expensive.

Czech Republic is a relatively safe country, with low crime rates, and it isn’t the most expensive in Europe either. If you need help in finding the best traveling deals, head on to the website of Worldventures, a company which takes care of giving its clients amazing experiences all over the world. Sign up for their DreamTrips membership and get great offers.

10 Tips for a Great Vacation in Czech Republic

In order to make your dream trip perfect, here are a few guidelines to follow:

  1. Always carry your passport and ID in your pocket or bag, for random security checks. Travel insurance is also highly recommended.
  2. The local currency isn’t euro, it’s Czech Koruna. You could exchange money once you get to the country, but be aware of scammers selling notes that are out of use.
  3. Be careful when drinking. Beer isn’t the only alcoholic beverage that Czechs like and are known for. Incredibly strong spirits are also quite popular and could get your drunk fast.
  4. Food is amazing, but it can get heavy too. It’s common to eat three courses, which include plenty of meat and bread. Go slow on all the fat if you have a sensitive stomach.
  5. Don’t forget to tip when dining out. It’s not mandatory, but waiters aren’t paid too well, so that 10% could go a long way, if you were happy with their service.
  6. Out of cultural awareness, we advise not bringing up the communism topic very often, as Czech people don’t like discussing that part of their past.
  7. Learn a few words in Czech. It could prove quite helpful outside the big cities and locals will probably appreciate your interest for their language.
  8. Pack comfortable shoes! We don’t mean just for hiking, which is totally worth doing too. Czech Republic has loads of cities with steep streets, sometimes covered in cobblestones, so we recommend footwear that’s easy to walk in for longer times.
  9. Be aware for pickpocketing, especially while you’re on a public means of transport.
  10. Unmarked taxis are a big problem. It’s not that they’re very dangerous, but scams are common. These drivers tend to wait in busy places, near train stations or airports, for tourists they could easily trick. Proper taxis should have their company name and phone number both on the side and inside the car. Make sure to get a bill at the end of your ride.

No matter if you and your friends are organizing this escape to Czech Republic by yourselves or choosing a DreamTrips deal, we’re sure you’re going to have loads of fun. This country is fit for all tastes, those who are keen on learning about European history and those who like to party hard. Remember to stay safe and enjoy your beer!

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