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7 Ways Travel Promotes Inner Peace

By Jane Hurst

You work all week and then do housework or jobs around the house all weekend. You do not have time for yourself or time away from home. You can feel your inner stress building up inside and that is affecting your job and home life. One way to find some inner peace is to lock up your house and travel away from your home for a while. It can be a weekend or a month. Whatever works for you will help you to relax and get back on track. Here are seven ways travel promotes inner peace...

  1. Going to new places – Traveling away from home will give you a new perspective on your life and your world. Meeting new people and traveling to new places will expand your horizons and your knowledge. Learning about what other people have to face in their daily lives might help you bring your frustrations into perspective. When you see new sites and experience new cultures you will broaden your knowledge about other areas of the world.
  2. Meditation – You can travel to a location that will promote nature and meditation. Being away from your everyday life and learning how to meditate will help you obtain inner peace. You can meditate in a desert or on a mountain. You can meditate inside, but being outside in nature will help promote your inner peace. You can find retreats that focus on yoga, meditation, and healing yourself. These resorts will give you the tools you need to really relax and get to know yourself. Spas, meditation rooms, yoga, and other events are all combined to make you more relaxed and to renew your inner peace.
  3. Travel locally – You do not have to travel far to obtain inner peace. You can hop in your car and travel just far enough that you are away from your home and work. “Traveling by car can heal your stress and inner wounds. You can find solitude or comfort with your family while traveling by car. Sometimes just driving away can be healing. Stay at hotel in a nearby large city and take a few days to explore new restaurants and museums,” suggests an expert from eCarsCash. If you like music, go to a new club or record store. Take time to appreciate yourself and your family. Focus on your inner peace and do things that make you happy. Walk around a park or explore shops and bookstores. Just getting away from your house and work for a few days can help you to maintain your inner peace...
  4. Rejuvenating – Getting away from home and work is rejuvenating. You will feel fresh and new when you are traveling and when you return you will feel rejuvenated. The thrill you get from exploring new places and meeting new people will stay with you long after you return home. The peacefulness of travel will be beneficial to you in your job and home life.
  5. Be yourself – When you are traveling you can be yourself. You will probably never run into the people you meet again. You should not impose boundaries or restrictions on yourself like you do at work or around people you see all the time. Take this time to let your inner conflicts go and just be yourself. Relax and talk to people. Enjoy your time away and take advantage of being able to truly let go.
  6. Solitude – Being away from everyone and everything that is familiar can be daunting but it can also be liberating. Take the time to get to know yourself again. Find your inner peace in the solitude and explore new places. Being alone with yourself can promote inner peace and less stress. You have no one but yourself to please. Take advantage of your time alone and really relax and become one with yourself.
  7. Gratitude – After you have travelled around and explored new places and things you will feel grateful to return home. Your house will feel welcoming and warm after staying in hotels or tents while you were away. Sit and breath in the welcoming fragrances of your home and be aware of how peaceful you feel at the moment you step inside your house. Try and hold on to that feeling and make it a part of your daily routine. That will help you find inner peace to have at home and at work.

Whether you chose to travel abroad, go on a safari, camp out in the mountains, take a cruise, or visit a nearby city, traveling will help you maintain your balance and inner peace. Meeting new people and exploring new places will challenge you to just relax and be yourself. Enjoy your time away from your home and gain a new appreciation for where you live. Take time to rejuvenate and be at peace.

Jane Hurst is a writer, editor and avid traveler from San Francisco. Contact her at
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