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The ancient civilizations that inhabited the Greek islands, the unbelievable legends and myths of the old ages, the picturesque views and panoramas, the cruises that stop in each place, everything seems like a fairytale.

It's hard to overstate the influence Greece has had upon the rest of the world. Ancient Greece was the cradle of Western civilization, giving the world democracy, theatre, philosophy, the Olympic Games, and much more. Greece is located in the Eastern Mediterranean and is surrounded by its magnificent islands, each with its own marvels and features. From Athens to Rhodes and from Corinth to Crete, Greece today has become one of the most popular and famous tourist destinations in the world, with hundreds of beautiful places to see and experience.

Traveling in Greece

Visitors to Greece usually start with Athens, one of the most influential cities in the ancient world and one of the most beautiful cities today, with a high concentration of cultural landmarks. The Acropolis of Athens still draws visitors like a magnet, fascinated by the rich history of this place and its significance for Mankind. Starting with the largest temple of the complex, the famous Parthenon, and continuing with inspiring temples and monuments, such as the Erectheion, the temple of Athena and others, this is the place to see ancient Greece. Many other treasures are present everywhere within the city, including its museums, the most important attractions including Syntagma Square, Plaka and Monastiraki districts, New Acropolis Museum, National Archaeological Museum, Ancient Agora, Museum of Cycladic Art, Temple of Olympian Zeus and so on. Practically, everywhere you look on the mainland there are either old villages with authentic traditions, beautiful landscapes or archaeological vestiges.

The Parthenon

But to truly understand what Greece stands for, travelers must also travel to the islands, spread all around the mainland and exhibiting a multitude of local characteristics.To do this, you can look at Greece vacation packages that offer travel to multiple islands and an itinerary carefully crafted by local experts, allowing you to see much more of the real Greece. Known especially for their amazing beaches, these islands are also natural heavens, many still preserving the traditional Greek villages with white and blue houses and olive orchards. Beyond their beaches and the amazing water activities, islands like Rhodes, Santorini, Crete, Zakynthos, Corfu, Thassos, Mykonos and at least a dozen more, are truly inspirational. The ancient civilizations that inhabited these islands, the unbelievable legends and myths of the old ages, the picturesque views and panoramas, the cruises that stop in each place, everything in Greece seems like a fairytale.

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Map of Greece
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