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Cleaning Your Motorcycle Boots –
Follow these Easy 6 Steps

Brush the surface of the leather. Use the brush only when you see solid dirt deposited on the pair of boots. 

While brushing the boots, pay extra attention to the wetted material that deposits on the bristles and can ruin the boots. Choose a good-quality brush to fulfil the purpose. 

Sponging the Boots 

Once you have brushed the boots thoroughly, the next step is sponging them. Take a medium-sized sponge to clean the major spots present on the boots. Additionally, you may use a neutral soap to dip the sponge and then clean your boots. Ensure not to use a lot of soap because too much foam can ruin the material, especially if it is leather. 

Move the sponge in a circular motion from the outside and inside. Use lukewarm water to perform this step. 

Cleaning the Inside of the Boots 

Once you have sponged the boots properly, focus on cleaning the inside. It is vital to remove the sole and all the detachable parts of the boots before you clean them from the inside. Cleaning the boots from the inside is essential because it houses sweat, germs, and bacteria. 

In some cases, hand washing the boots is enough to clean them properly. But ensure you use warm water in doing so. Nowadays, you can also buy a professional boot cleaner and use it instead of soap. 

Cleaning the Outside of the Boots 

Leather and other delicate materials demand to be cleaned using specific products. Spray them on the outside of the boots and polish them using a soft-bristled brush. Alternatively, you can also use a microfiber cloth to perform this step.

If your boots comprise a waterproof membrane, you may have to buy specific products that comply with the characteristics of the material and provide efficient cleaning. 

Choosing motorcycle boots is not as easy as you think. You need to pay attention to all the essential details such as the boots' material, safety features, functionality, and others. To maintain these features in the long run, it is also essential you take good care of the boots. 

Whether you are buying motocross boots or any other kind, you must clean and care for them properly. Here are a few cleaning tips for motorcycle boots that you must swear by. 

Brushing the Boots 

The first step to cleaning your motorbike boots is to brush them. Brushing your boots remove all the big and solid particles stuck on them. Use a soft bristle brush to remove all the superficial dirt and dried mud from the surface of the boots. It is vital to avoid streaks on the 

Drying the Boots 

Once you have cleaned the internal and external parts of the boots, it becomes crucial to dry them. Pay great attention while drying the boots. Do not place them under direct sunlight, for the boots' material may get ruined. Keep them in a dry and ventilated spot, away from heat. 

Do not dry your boots in places like store-rooms, garages, or rooms with no windows. Choose outdoor areas with proper ventilation. 

Other Tips to Swear By 

  • While cleaning your boots, it is vital to treat them with specific water-repellent products patented for outdoor spots. If you do not use the right products, it will ruin your shoes and affect their longevity. 
  • To clean the stubborn stains from the outer body of the boots, use a stain remover for boots. Alternatively, you can also use some home remedies. For instance, olive oil or cleansing milk makeup remover best addresses these stains. But ensure to carry out a patch test before using any home remedy. 


The above-listed guide helps you with the thorough cleaning of your boots. Make sure to follow each step to properly clean your motocross boots and make them last a lifetime. 

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