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What You Should Know Before Buying
a Mobility Scooter

There are many folding mobility scooters for sale. Do you know mobility scooters are a medical device as well as a lifestyle choice? Buying a mobility scooter can be an important decision, but you should go for one that meets your mobility needs. A mobility scooter serves as a mobility aid similar to a wheelchair. However, it’s designed with a motor just like a motor-scooter. People experiencing walking and standing problems are advised to use motor scooters to make their mobility easy. The following are ideas to consider before purchasing a mobility scooter. 

Select the right class of scooter

There are two main classes of mobility scooters that is class 2 and 3 scooters. Class 2 scooters are generally small, light, and cheap. They drive at a speed of up to 4mph on pavements. They aren’t meant for road use. There are class 3 scooters that can drive up to 8mph on any road. However, you can’t use them on freeways or dual carriageways. They are large and heavy, unlike the class 2 scooters. 

Try before buying

Before you purchase the scooter, try those you feel can meet your needs. Check out the scooter that allows you to sit comfortably. It needs to provide a stable upright posture with sufficient legroom. Moreover, make sure it is easy to control when driving. 

Get right recommendations

It is necessary to look for recommendations. Look for people who have such scooters and get some reviews about the best ones. Check out reviews on reputable websites, read reviews from different clients and specifications about the scooters. If that’s not enough, visit a physiotherapist who will automatically give you the best choices depending on your current condition. 

Scooter transportation

The transportation issue will highly depend on where you’ve got your mobility scooter. For example, if you decide to purchase from a local store, you might not need a car to transport it. You can drive yourself home using it or use your car. However, if you buy from an online store, your dealer will plan to deliver it to your home. In this case, you have to pay a shipping fee to cater for its transportation. 

Check the scooter’s maximum weight capacity

The manufacturer will design scooters with different carrying capacities. They have maximum weight capacity, and if the weight is exceeded, they become unstable. You should take into account your weight and check out the mobility scooters that can carry your weight. In case you buy a scooter with a maximum weight capacity less than your body weight, it can result in invalidation of the warranty. 

Scooter’s price

Mobility scooters came at different prices. The price variation depends on the model and extras. It is necessary to research different models in the market. Go for the most suitable model and check out for the extras to determine whether it is worth paying. Nevertheless, visit a variety of dealers and compare the prices. This way, you can get a good scooter at a reasonable price.

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