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Transform Your Life: From Struggle To Flow

By Lisa Murray

In 2003 Britney Spears released an album titled "In The Zone" which debuted at number one in the USA and France, going on to sell over 6 million albums. Her success as a popstar demonstrates she knows how to get her music 'in the zone', but her personal life has been characterized by tabloid filling struggle after struggle. There is a simple lesson here for all of us: In some areas of our life, everything we touch instantly turns to gold, whereas in other areas, there is nothing but misery, stress or disaster. That gap encapsulates the challenge of moving from struggle to flow!

So let's be clear about what struggle is... it is a way of life where everything feels hard, where you never have enough time to do everything you'd like, where your relationships are out of balance, where something bad happens just as you've recovered from the last catastrophe... It is living your life captive to the fears that paralyze your ability to act with confidence.

Struggle is... never having enough, taking the most difficult path, feeling guilty for the good in your life, feeling envy for the successes of others, feeling resentment for what hasn't happened in your life, feeling unhappy with your achievements, making the lives of others unpleasant because you are dissatisfied with your life, needing to make yourself feel good at the expense of others... Struggle is also the feelings of 'I should...', 'I could.....', 'I have to...', 'I don't want to....', 'I must....'. Struggle is self-sabotage!

Contrast this with feeling flow in your life... Sometimes flow can be characterized by synchronicity or manifesting something you desire. Other times it is more like an internal sense of wellbeing which effortlessly delivers peak performance.

I think of flow as the mystical connection with the universe where your energy feels unlimited, where time seems to slow down, where you are allowing and receiving rather than trying. It is a state where your mind is free of impediments, your concentration is laser focused but relaxed and your subconscious is overriding your conscious beliefs. There is no concept of failure anywhere on the horizon! There is perfect synchronization. You are 100% absorbed in performing at a peak level. You are finally 'out of your own way'! You feel immune to pressure. You feel unstoppable. You are in complete control.

So what is happening when you are in a state of flow? You are experiencing mindset mastery. You are tapping into an ancient wiring system which knows how to sidestep your self-limiting beliefs. You are tapping into a higher consciousness which has the knowledge or abilities you seek.

The key to transforming your life from struggle into flow is to be able to access 'flow on demand'. Mastering the subconscious beliefs that keep you stuck will enable you to achieve this state. The reason that this works is that if you are 'in the zone' then you are not experiencing any type of 'fight or flight' response. There is no fear, resistance, attachment to an outcome or negative emotion. Your self-talk has been reprogrammed to keep you in a state of flow, rather than a state of negativity or escape.

Those 300 - 1000 words per minute that you usually throw at yourself (in negative self-talk) are all of a sudden directed towards achieving your desired outcome. Can you imagine the vast difference this will make to your performance and your achievements?

Here are the top 10 beliefs that will align your energy and subconscious more closely with the capacity to allow flow into your life.

  • I know how to live in the flow.
  • I can allow my good to flow to me.
  • I can live without struggle.
  • I know how to tap into the universal energy of flow.
  • I know what it feels like to achieve big things easily and effortlessly.
  • I am willing to receive what I want, without paying the price of pain or suffering.
  • I am aligned with the universe's creative energy.
  • I can release the trauma of failing.
  • I know how to enjoy the journey.
  • I know how to and what it feels like to immerse myself in the moment.

Can you imagine how different your life would be if you were able to live with these beliefs and feelings as the primary energy source of your habits and daily behavior?

Would you love to be able to slip into the feeling of flow whenever you have something important to do, or even, to live in that state moment by moment? To receive your good, you must be present in the moment. Flow is the highest manifestation of the state of being present that you can consciously achieve.

So... What Else Is Possible?
It is possible for you to live your life in flow. It is possible for you to access the resources which will free up your energy, your thoughts, your actions and make this real for you. It is possible for you to change. It is possible for barriers to disintegrate, opportunities to appear as if by magic, ideas to materialize from nowhere, people to help you because they can...

Most of all, it is possible for you to realize your dreams with ease and joy. The only question left is this: When are you going to choose a life of flow, instead of one of struggle?

Everything you need is there waiting for you. The universe can provide everything you can imagine, and more! There is just one more thing you need to know... Nothing happens unless you take action!

Are you unhappy, stressed or weighed down by your life? If you could wave a magic wand and transform your life... If you could exchange your everyday struggle for a life where you experience flow and ease in every moment.... Would you?

About The Author:
Lisa Murray is an entrepreneur and small business coach. Her business and passion is helping people to overcome their limitations and create the life of their dreams through the use of fast, simple mindset techniques which work at a deep and lasting level!
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