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The One Thought that Keeps You Separate from All That You Desire

By Sonia Miller

There is one thought, and one thought only, that stands between you and all that you desire. That thought is "I'm separate." And the thing that makes this one thought THE determining factor in your reality is that most of the time, it is an unconscious thought. You see, in order to manifest any desire, you must understand that you are already one with it. But, even if you can grasp the concept of oneness, living from that place is an entirely different ball game. It requires a deeper understanding.

Understanding Oneness
A fundamental premise in metaphysics is that there is only ONE universal source energy. This means that:

  • Everything is made of the same substance.
  • Everything is connected.
  • There is no separation.

Furthermore, this means that:

  • You are made up of the same substance that makes up a tree, a house, a billion dollars, a stranger in Sweden, the ocean, the stars, and the President of the United States.
  • You are not separate from anything or anyone.
  • You are a connected part of the larger whole.

And, you may ask, what exactly is this elemental substance that makes up all of creation?

  • It is energy - pure, infinite energy.
  • And, this infinite source energy has the highest frequency there is. Its vibration is that of peace, joy, health, well-being, freedom, abundance, truth and wholeness. It is every possible expression of LOVE.

Separation Versus Oneness
So what does this all mean to you? It means a lot. If you've been trying to get the Law of Attraction to work in your favor, you'll have limited results until you become willing to consistently imagine your oneness with Source. This is because the consciousness of oneness is the vibration of having. However, in order to understand the consciousness of oneness, it helps if you understand the consciousness of separation, and how it is that you perpetuate the thought "I'm separate," on a regular basis.

  • When you feel separate, you imagine that your dream is somewhere out there in the future.

    When you imagine your oneness, you understand that your dream exists right here, right now. You may not see it but it does exist in energetic form. It has weight and substance. You are already one with it because you, and it, are part of the larger whole, made of the same substance. You are already one with your dream.

  • When you feel separate, you fearfully anticipate something in the future that has not actually happened, you are essentially removing yourself from the present moment. When you live in the future or the past, you are separate from the now.

    When you imagine your oneness, you live in the now, open, receptive, acknowledging and grateful for all that you have, you are one with Source Energy. Being present in the moment is an experience and expression of oneness.

  • When you feel separate, you put things off until the dream arrives, you are telling the Universe, "I'm not ready to be the person in my dream."

    When you imagine your oneness, you act as if you are the person living your dream right now, you are being one and the same as the You in your desired experience. This bridges the gap between your current experience and the desired end result experience.

  • When you feel separate, you get caught up in the details of making the dream come true, rather than holding a vision of the end result, you actually separate yourself from the dream. Energy flows where your attention goes. When you get caught up in the "how," you are actually delaying the arrival of your goal.

    When you imagine your oneness, you understand that there is only ONE source, but infinite channels. Your job is to focus on the end result - to be one with the final manifestation. The Universe handles the how, sending you leads through any number of infinite channels. Your job is 'keep your eye on the prize' while you act on the leads. The trick is to avoid getting so consumed by the task at hand that you lose sight of the bigger picture.

  • When you feel separate, you focus on lack - on what you do not have - the Universe gives you more of the lack experience.

    When you imagine your oneness, you focus on what you have, you are one with it, attracting ever more of it.

  • When you feel separate, you believe that an external person, situation, or condition is your source, you are essentially telling the Universe that you are separate from your desire - that it is outside of you.

    When you imagine your oneness, you contemplate that what you desire is already within you - that there is absolutely no separation between you and that which you desire - you experience oneness with your desire.

To understand oneness is to realize that there is only ONE source for ALL that you desire - be it wealth, love, health, peace, or success. As you begin to dismantle limiting ideas about how your dream is supposed to come to you; as you begin to explore the idea that all you desire already exists; as you practice living in the now, open, receptive and acknowledging of all of your blessings, then you begin to know your oneness with the infinite.

As you contemplate oneness, you will begin to understand that your job in the manifestation process is not one of creating, or even attracting, but of allowing into your life the infinite abundance which already is!

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