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How To 'Activate' Your Abundance

By Peter Shepherd / Paul Bauer

Many people have been taught from an early age that there's a limited supply of what they want in life (money, resources, opportunities, etc). But if you've studied prosperity for any length of time, you probably know this is a false belief.

The trouble is, we carry these "false beliefs" in our subconscious minds for years or decades (in many cases without even being aware of having them). But the good news is Paul Bauer has created a powerful program called 'The Secrets of Manifesting' that helps you:

  1. Identify these false beliefs
  2. Clear them from their roots (in the subconscious)
  3. Manifest the success and prosperity you truly deserve
What makes Paul's 'The Secrets of Manifesting' program really unique is what's called his 'Abundance Activation Technique.' The Abundance Activation Technique helps you find these hidden unconscious beliefs and clear them - right from their roots - once and for all. Once you've cleared these unconscious beliefs, you then become a natural 'magnet' to prosperity and abundance.

The program integrates the ETF (Emotional Freedom Technique) method of stimulating critical meridian points, as an aid to releasing the emotional attachment to fears and self-defeating beliefs. There is a strong current of Buddhist philosophy in the program, that attachment causes suffering; that to be able to freely have something one needs first to be able to comfortably not have it. Then fears go out the window and envisioning what is desired (but not with attachment) no longer has such blocks in the way of its manifestation. One can envision with all the clarity and energy of a clear heart. Paul describes this phenomenon as follows...

The Law of Detachment
We've often heard how many people seek 'security' in their lives. Financial security, security in relationships, national security, etc. What most people don't realize though is: "The search for security is an illusion." What does this really mean?

The Law Of Detachment states that in order to attain anything in the Universe, you have to let go of your attachment to it. This does not mean giving up your goals or dreams. All this means is that you give up your attachment to them.

The need for security is based on fear - fear of not having enough. But where does this fear come from? (And what can we do about it?) The ego-mind (the one that thinks it needs security in order to survive) puts us into "If I get enough of 'x' (money, love, possessions, etc) then I'll feel secure" cat and mouse games. I say "cat and mouse" games because anything you chase after will surely elude you, or even when you do finally 'catch' it, you'll notice it STILL doesn't satisfy your appetite for 'more.'

We share this principle of detachment on our 'Creating Abundance' audio sessions, and how being detached from goals or outcomes can free you of the pain of 'not having what you desire.' When you're free of the attachment to your desire you can then attain what you want AND feel fulfilled in the process.

Another way of saying this is when you choose to 'tune-in' to your Spirit, where your abundance comes from, and you discover that attachment comes from fear, you can heal the fear - once and for all. Not that you'll never have fear again, but that you'll know what to do about the fear (and discover it's lesson that it holds for you.)

Many years ago, I found a book called 'Money Love' by Jerry Gillies and I learned some startling wisdom on wealth vs. poverty consciousness. My favorite quote by Gillies is:

"No amount of money ever cured a poverty consciousness"

Interesting quote, eh? What Gillies is saying is that if we are attached to the thought that money will solve our problems, then we're doomed to repeat the same cycle of 'it's never enough' in our lives. Have you ever noticed this in your life? After you finally get the 'perfect job,' the 'perfect love,' the 'perfect customer,' that 'big deal' closed, enough money 'stuffed away,' that 'better body' ... does having 'it' really satisfy you? Or do you still long for 'more'?

The list is endless and each desired outcome can cause pain and suffering, UNLESS we let go of our attachment to the outcome. When you detach from your desire, you allow your Spirit and all of the Universe to contribute energy and inspiration to your desire - which allow much greater possibilities to unfold. However, when you focus in too hard (attachment) on a desired outcome, you keep the energy rigid, inflexible, static, and stagnant.

When you let go of what you desire - when you consciously decide that you do not 'need it' in order to complete you, you will have what you desire and more. Why? Because by letting go of the known - the past (based on conditioning) - you allow all potential 'Soul-utions' to present themselves, like having your own board of advisors to consult with whenever you have a major challenge or problem in your life.

So, what do you do in order to let go of the outcome? Tune into your feelings and learn from your fears. Take this moment, now, and close your eyes, take a deep breath, and tune into a fear you have and ask your fear:

"What do you need?" (ask toward the inside of yourself, not on the 'outside')

When you do, just listen and write down what it says ... knowing that "your fears are your greatest teachers."

Strange concept? Only to the ego-mind - not to your Spirit. So, take a deep breathe today my friend and connect with your Essence, your Spirit, your Abundance...

I love this progeam because it really helps you understand what's been stopping the flow of prosperity and success in your life and how to eliminate those blocks for good. Instead of loads of materials to read and make sense of, 'The Secrets of Manifesting' is a delightful and easy-to-follow program that guides you through the whole process step by step. Best of all, it works in just days, and completely turns your mind-set around.

It can do the same for you. Imagine being free of struggle and the feeling of overwhelm, so you can have more free time, earn more and feel peace of mind in your personal and professional life.

Trans4mind's courses are based on similar philosophies and methods which is why this course appeals to me; I know it works. Perhaps the most important dimension they share with 'The Secrets of Manifesting' is the ongoing support and follow up that Paul provides. This course, however, is particularly focused on clearing the issues that surround prosperity. What this means is that even your most difficult questions or challenges with prosperity get answered - and resolved - with Paul's expert personal guidance.

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