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Top 5 Tips to Prepare for CogAT Test

Prepare for CogAT Test

CogAT is also known as the Cognitive Abilities Test. It measures the reasoning skills of the students with the help of three segments: verbal, non-verbal and quantitative. This test has a multiple choice K12 format and is a group-administered aptitude test which is considered for school entrance exams.

Every segment of this test is further divided into sub-segments. The verbal segment is divided into picture analogies, sentence completion and picture classification. The quantitative segment consists of number analogies, number puzzles and number series. The non-verbal segment comprises figure matrices, paper folding and figure classification.

The highest score in CogAT is 160 and 100 is considered the average score. The unique test score is based on Raw Score, Universal Scale Score, Standard Age Score, Percentile Rank and Stanine. Raw Score defines the total number of answered questions. The Raw Score is achieved then it is converted to a Universal Scale Score. These scores would be different for each segment of the test.

In the end, an average of all these three is calculated to get the exact score. The percentile rank is assigned to a student based on individual performance. For example, if the student has scored the highest score among the 70% of the students then the percentile rank would be 70. 50 is considered an average score. Stanine is another ranking given to the student based on the percentile where 1 is the lowest and 9 is the highest.

Elm Academy offers comprehensive online courses for the CogAT - see their CogAT 3rd Grade Course as an example. They also offer free samples of their courses, which you can view here.

CogAT has a total of 14 levels which are decided according to the students’ age and current grade. This test has multiple-choice questions and your child can either take it online or offline. 20 students can take CogAt at a time.

Generally, all three segments are examined together and the examiner could be a school teacher or a counsellor.

How to prepare your child for CogAt, is the most common question asked by parents. Various institutes help children with CogAT test preparation. Here is the detailed guide on how you can prepare your child for the CogAT test.

Prepare a Schedule

This is the very first tip to prepare your child for the CogAT test. Prepare a schedule and make sure you cover all the segments of the test. This will help you to focus on each section and enable you to track your child’s progress. Make sure your child follows the schedule and gives ample amounts of time to every segment.

Enable Healthy Habits

While preparing for the CogAt test, keep a tab on your child’s eating habits and other activities. Make sure he or she gets proper sleep and consumes healthy food during this period. Failing to do so can lead to sleep deprivation or other health issues and can also induce stress.

Understand the Concept

At the CogAT test, your child needs to understand the topic well. Hence make sure your child is simply mugging the sentences/concepts just for the scores. Understanding a topic in detail will help him or her do well in CogAt and will lay a strong foundation for future lessons. Every segment of this test has a different purpose and hence your kid must be ready to solve all the given questions.

Enrol in Other Activities

It is a myth that your child can learn only from books. There are many things around us that can teach your child a thing or two. Let your child explore other age appropriate activities such as drawing, watching educational movies, etc. of his choice. If your kid has a hobby then ensure to use it as a stress reliever and also a mode of learning to make study more fun and interactive.

Practice Mock Test

There are various resources available on the internet that can be used to practice at home. You can get these practice tests as per your child’s age and grade. Make the maximum use of them and let your child attempt multiple rounds of practice tests before attempting the actual one.

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