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The Best Ways to Succeed in a PMP Exam

The task of becoming a project manager certainly has its process. The process can, oftentimes, be gruelling and difficult to push through and with something as serious as project management, there are specific needs that need to be met.

To be able to meet those needs, there is a wider known Project Management Professional Exam that is applicable to those who wish to become one.

At Velociteach, not only have we created online (and onsite) courses to best assist those who are wanting to become a Project Management Professional but, we have courses that are specific in preparing those for the exam.

This post will cover the exam prep resources which, in turn, will assist you in knowing what PMP exam are.

How to Prepare

The exam prep course that is a part of our service allows the student to not just be led in content but to be encouraged and believed in by their instructors. There is live instructor feed content that involves detailed subject matter along with step-by-step guidance and all that is needed in order for you to pass the exam.

The prep content that we offer is up to date with the most recent needs of the exam and is guaranteed to help you process the content in a timely manner.

It is important to note that the price of the prep course does not include the price of the exam itself. We do encourage our students to be sure to complete the cost of the exam directly to the PMI.

In addition to the cost of the exam needing to be set aside, we do encourage our students to log in to InSite a month before their prep course begins so that they can become accustomed to the space and the topics that will be addressed.

How to Study for the Exam

Studying for any exam takes time and effort. Studying for the PMP exam should be just as crucial but not quite as taxing. We’ve created a specific prep course that not only assists you in studying for the exam but guarantees success once completed.

Per usual, there are different ways to go about studying for exams. There is the method of doing so on your own or there is the method of taking a prep course with an instructor to help guide you through the studying process.

Below are some examples of what to expect in the self-study resource that we have available for you to purchase:

  • An organized textbook that helps you know what you need to study, how you should learn it, how you should be able to apply it, and why it is important that you know it
  • Exam practice questions with meaningful exercises that have knowledge area quizzes and a final exam that is similar to the actual PMP exam itself
  • Availability to online services that include key points of content and
  • Access to testimonial content from thousands of students that used the material and can vouch for its success

In addition to the self-study guide that you are able to purchase, there is the possibility of joining a prep course with an instructor. Either option is beneficial as either one will teach the same capabilities, tips, and resources.

In the course with the instructor, you can be assured to find similar resources as in the self-study guide. As the instructor, you will utilize

  • Flexible and affordable means to get the work done,
  • A course that is comprehensive and profitable,
  • The ability to keep your coursework with no fear of having to pay royalties and,
  • The peace that all coursework is up-to-date.

As a student that is a part of the course with an instructor, you can be sure to have

  • 35 contact hours
  • The teaching of a well-rounded and applicable instructor as they offer presentations to help teach the subject
  • Coursework that is on audiobook to help you understand the content through different perspectives

As noted, because there is a seemingly large amount of prep to be done in order to take the exam, we do encourage our students to remember that preparation is key. What comes after the preparation is the success that we determine and we are happy and overjoyed to be a part of the process with our students.

We are proud to offer the best content with the best instructors and we are proud to serve the PMP community.

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