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Best Tips on how to Write an Eye-catching Personal Statement for PhD Admission

PhD admission is generally determined by various pieces of information, which you should provide to the admission committee. You should provide a GPA, your letter of recommendations and most importantly, a personal statement. These documents have equal importance; therefore, people have a valid reason to believe that a professionally written personal statement counts more when it comes to winning the hearts of the admission committee. Getting the know-how to write an eye-catching PhD admission personal statement is necessary, as you should write a professional document that can represent you to the committee. What you need to present is an engaging, interactive, convincing and quality personal statement, which is beyond just personal information. You should keep in mind that every person submitting a personal statement is qualified and deserving; therefore, you should realize an edge against the competition. It is vital to device the best way to write a good PhD personal statement, to realize a document that can bring you closer to the chance you so yearn for. The admission committee will only accept and approve of your personal document if all professional standards are adhered to. To attain your goal, writing a great personal document is a good place to begin. 

What is an eye-catching personal statement?

  • A great personal statement is one that can represent you in a major way, to give the admission committee the reason to choose you among many applicants. In a nutshell, a personal statement is;
  • A good personal statement is a picture, which should represent you as a student, person, or a potential scholarship winner. 
  • An award-winning personal statement should be an invitation to inform the reader who you are personally. It should welcome the reader into your personal life and create a bridge between you and the reader.
  • Your personal statement should be a reliable indication of your judgment & priorities. What you write in your statement will inform the admission committee what your priorities are, so, what you say and how you say it is quite crucial. 
  • A quality personal statement should be your story, and everyone has a relevant story to tell. Since everyone is not a great story-teller, you should ensure that your personal statement doesn’t provide the reader with unreliable stories. Your document should be a story that engages the reader persuasively. 

What should you avoid to write an eye-catching personal statement?

Writing a superb PhD personal statement takes a lot of courage, and that’s why you not only need to know what to write but also what to avoid. To arrive at a project, you can term as professional; it is suitable to understand what to avoid.

  • A great personal statement is not an academic paper, but it is a representation of your personal achievements and qualifications.
  • Your personal statement is not an essay, but a document that tells the reader who you are as a prospective candidate. 
  • An award-winning personal statement is not a journal entry but a document that has concise & brief write-up.
  • Your personal document should not be a justification or a plea for a scholarship, but a document that should help you hunt the position. 
  • A personal statement is not guesswork, but a quality & authentic document that the admission committee should find relevant. 

Which are the questions should an eye-catching personal statement answer?

You may get online help to write an eye-catching personal statement, to understand the kind of questions your document should answer. What are the answers that the admission committee expects from your personal statement?

  • Who am I?
  • Who do I aspire to be after studies?
  • What contribution do I aim to make and how will I do that?
  • Why do I want to study at your school?
  • Why is this right place & program for me?

Get the best tips to write a great PhD admission personal statement and embrace the opportunity you seek.

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