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The Difference Between PhD Dissertation
and Master’s Thesis Writing

Dissertation and Thesis

By Lisa Allen

Dissertation and thesis are both commonly used words in the academic world. They are used differently at different places, for example in the United States of America the word thesis is used for the research work done to earn Master’s or Bachelor’s degree, while the word dissertation is used for original work of research to gain doctoral (PhD) degree. Whereas, it is vice versa in the United Kingdom.

In general sense, the basic difference between dissertation and thesis writing is the purpose for which they are written. When a student is required to write thesis in Master’s or Bachelor’s program, it is to analyze his or her knowledge and how much he or she has understood the information learned throughout their graduate program. It marks the end of Master’s or Bachelor’s program. Dissertation is an original work propounded by the student in order to finish their PhD degree. It is a chance during doctoral degree to furnish a new knowledge or perspective, theories or practices to your field. The whole idea is to purpose a novel postulation, evolve it and validate its virtue.

In Master’s thesis, one is expected to search and investigate a topic then present their critical remarks upon the knowledge they gained and how it associates to the subject matter at hand. The entire purpose of a thesis is to exhibit your potential to reflect upon the given topic and how knowledgeably you discuss and present your insights on the said topic in depth. A PhD dissertation is a well searched original work where other’s research is used merely as guidance. A totally new hypothesis or concept is developed which is unique and backed by relevant reasoning. A work of dissertation entirely attributed to the writer.

Dissertation and Thesis

In the last, the difference resides upon the length of both the works. A Master’s thesis is expected to be more or less 100 pages long whereas PhD dissertation is much longer, say 25000 words or more, as it contain lot of work which includes a great deal of background and research information, minute details of your proposed hypothesis and explanation of means to arrive at the theory. A Dissertation is an elaborate and intricate work. PhD Dissertation is more or less three times the length of Master’s thesis. PhD is generally written under the guidance of a Professor who directs in your approach, helps in allocation of resources and makes sure your hypothesis is going on in right direction, whereas Master’s thesis is written by the students based upon their knowledge and information and later presented to the Professors for critical evaluation.

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Lisa Allen, an assistant writer at EssayCorp, is an MBA degree holder from the St. George University with years of experience in the academic field. The company where I'm working provides various dissertation thesis writing services to high school and college students.
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