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What Strategy Should be Adopted to Practice Current Affairs in the UPSC Question Paper?

Memorizing Current Affairs is not challenging if you start preparing at least a year before the exam. All you need to do is cover the issues in the news from the last 12 to 18 months before the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) Exam. One cannot predict the current affairs questions while giving the UPSC civil services exam.

BYJU's Exam Prep knows the importance of current affairs in the UPSC exam. It has created a personalized learning environment for the aspirants that help them observe their mistakes and allows them to make corrections. 

Strategy to Cover Current Affairs for UPSC 

The primary sources to help you prepare for the current affairs section include newspapers, the PIB (Press Information Bureau) website, IDSA (Institute for Defence Studies and Analysis), PRS Legislative Research, magazines, India Year, and other books, and government publications.

Besides developing the habit of reading newspapers and making it a routine, preparing a robust strategy to help you crack the UPSC exam is imperative. 

Here's a detailed method and sources to cover Current Affairs that should be adopted while solving UPSC Question Paper:

  • Newspapers

Instead of reading all the newspapers, make it a habit to go through two newspapers. The Hindu is one of the best newspapers for UPSC candidates. Aspirants get the best insights and critical analysis of government policies to help prepare for the UPSC current affairs section. The Indian Express is another excellent newspaper for UPSC preparation. Articles featured in The Indian Express on international relations are crucial for the current affairs section. Additionally, this newspaper is known for providing unbiased information on national and international issues. 

  • Magazines

Magazines are an important source helping many aspirants to crack the UPSC exam. Some of the best magazines you can opt for include Pratiyogita Darpan, Kurukshetra, and Yojana. These magazines are favored by numerous UPSC aspirants as they present government points of view on issues related to the social and economic domains. Another reason these magazines are considered important for current affairs preparation is that they provide data and analysis on every crucial topic through multiple perspectives from different individuals and diversified backgrounds.

  • Press Information Bureau (PIB) Website

PIB is an important website for every UPSC aspirant. If you miss reading issues in newspapers, this website is ideal for keeping yourself up to date. It would help if you regularly went through the Program and Policy Updates for Government. Top-notch government officials contribute to the website, so you can rest assured about the platform's authenticity. 

  • Institute for Defence Studies and Analysis

If you're looking for detailed coverage of India's national security, internal security, and Defence Relations, check out the IDSA website. It is another excellent source for UPSC candidates.

  • PRS Legislative Research

PRS is known for maintaining high information quality standards and participation across its program. If you think that using PRS Legislative Research will help in solving the UPSC Question Paper, then you are absolutely right!

Besides knowing all the sources that help you build a solid UPSC preparation strategy, it is important to know what to look for in order to increase your current affairs knowledge and use it efficiently to solve the UPSC mock tests.

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