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Bridging the Transfer Gap for Community College Students

Community college is an excellent option for students seeking a more affordable and accessible alternative to traditional four-year universities. However, many community college students face significant challenges when it comes to transferring to a university to obtain a bachelor's degree.

Low transfer rates are a problem in many states, with some students taking longer than expected to complete their degrees. To address this issue, community colleges must provide academic advising to decrease informational barriers and map out major requirements to ensure students know what they need to do to achieve their goals. Such efforts can help reduce the racial disparity in transfer rates and ensure that all students have a fair chance to succeed in their academic journey.

Additionally, policymakers must prioritize increasing the success of community college students to meet the growing demand for post-secondary credentials and improve the economic mobility of individuals and families. By doing so, community college students can access the full benefits of higher education and become successful contributors to their communities and the workforce.

Bridging the Transfer Gap for Community College Students

Source: Kentucky Student Success Collaborative

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