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Six Things to Remember While Applying for an Exchange Program Scholarship

Exchange Program Scholarship

Parents normally find it difficult to send their child to a new country to study at a young age, taking into account the worries and the care. However, for children to be able to know themselves well and take responsibility for their careers, it is important for them to come out of their comfort zones. Parents may feel overwhelmed with emotions at the beginning, but sending them for exchange programs abroad is for greater good.

Scholarships are also available

There are many students who are keen to study abroad during summer exchange programs but find it difficult due to the money involved. The best high school study abroad summer programs have ample scholarship opportunities to cover the expenses of such deserving students. Scholarships are given to the meritorious students to help them do well despite financial irregularities. In most cases, students have to meet the following criteria to become eligible for these scholarships:

  1. Proof of age- Student ages have to be in a particular age bracket deemed necessary for the scholarships
  2. Excellent academic grades- Consistently good school grades are necessary to be noticed by the team granting scholarships. Of course, the grades would differ from one school or location to another.
  3. Permanent citizenship- Students have to be permanent citizens of a specific country that is being considered by the scholarship
  4. Proof of financial hardships- Bright students who have not been able to rise primarily due to financial hardships and are otherwise brilliant have to show proof of the present financial condition

Things to remember while applying for a scholarship

The following points will be most helpful while completing the application for a student scholarship:

  1. Correct time to apply- Making detailed notes about the scholarship will help to put in the scholarship application at the correct time. To make it easy to go through several colleges, one should their website URLs.
  2. Many schools- Apply to a number of suitable schools to be able to get through the best ones. An early application may even be helpful to get a preferred school.
  3. What to include in the application- Always remember to submit an updated resume. However, this may not be compulsory at all academic institutes.
  4. Put down the best essay- Essays for scholarship applications usually have guidelines given in the application. This is a testimony to how serious a student is, for his or her own education.
  5. Try to get a recommendation letter- For any meritorious student, the report card of past performances are helpful for getting a recommendation letter. This can be given by someone who knows the student well.
  6. Make the application appear unique- Students should look for ways to make their applications be different from others. One could either have a unique perspective or make an attractive presentation.

Types of expenses

Parents have to be prepared for different types of expenses when they decide to send their children for summer exchange programs. Here are a few examples of such expenses:

  1. Airfare to and back from the exchange program institute
  2. Various travel documents such as visas and passports
  3. Money to handle emergencies
  4. Boarding expenses, if any
  5. Accident insurance, travel insurance, medical coverage for illnesses and other issues, on accordance with host country requirements
  6. Ancillary travel
  7. Various types of necessary tours

Exchange programs help children know more about themselves. They use the time to figure out the best careers for their futures. Considering the number of options available these days, it makes a lot of sense for students to take time off their academic courses and find out about their preferences. Also, it is a nice time to learn a new language and other aspects of culture.

Categories of expenses

The following are the heads under which expenses can be categorized, for summer exchange programs:

  1. To-and-fro airfare
  2. All kinds of travel documents, which include passports and visas
  3. Funds for emergencies
  4. Travel insurance and medical coverage as per host country requirements
  5. Optional tours and ancillary travel

Financial responsibility

Taking financial responsibility of one’s life is a huge step for any individual. An exchange program helps a student take baby steps towards the same. This is the time when a student makes important payments and manages expenses on his or her own. Some students may even take up part time jobs to support their education.

Living away from home

It is always a unique experience to live away from one’s own comfort zone and in a new country. Only the children who may have moved to another city earlier are likely to be familiar with such an experience. This is the time to familiarize oneself with languages, cuisines, dresses, and customs of a new country. This makes students more responsible and also turns them into better human beings.

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