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The World Evolution Towards Truth

By Victor Zammit

If we put a 'mirror' to what is happening in the English speaking world to-day we will be stunned and shocked by the changes that have taken place over the last 15 years. People, generally, are rapidly losing the traditional respect for scientists, politicians, lawyers, academics, medical doctors, the media and religion and to a certain extent the police.

At school we used to accept without question what our teachers, religious ministers and priests, scientists and others in the professions used to tell us. We just automatically obeyed without question. We respected and trusted these people. But not any more. This loss of trust in the institutions of society is a crisis that is being ignored. Perhaps it's a good thing that we are questioning and seeking evidence rather than having blind faith.

One really good thing is that afterlife researchers and scientists are telling us they have evidence about what really happens when we die - something which the Church knows nothing about. This is having a most profound effect everywhere. The Church must join the afterlife scientists if it wants to remain viable. It may come as a shock to the religious leadership: there are more people to-day visiting psychics and mediums than people going to Church on Sundays.

SCIENCE: People are losing faith in and respect for science and scientists - seeing science as a tool for big business. Corporate funding for science is given on the basis of immediate monetory profit NOT what is good for society. Science has lost its popularity as a field of study. So much so, to become a scientist in Australia you only need some 60% of the matriculation mark you need to do law or medicine.

GOVERNMENT: people used to have a belief that democratic governments do their best to protect their people. But increasingly people are perceiving politicians as selfish, short sighted and are incompetent. Further, highly credible personalities such as pilots, astronauts, very high ranking servicemen - are stating the government has allowed a massive cover-up about UFO's - thinking people are too stupid to be informed what is going on in this area.

LAWYERS: like some other professionals, lawyers have generally lost respect - being perceived as greedy and doing anything to extract money from clients. A contested matter in the Supreme Court can run into millions of dollars of legal expenses. These days even a short hearing at a local court costs hundreds of dollars for one morning. Sadly, the old saying is becoming truth: justice goes to the highest bidder.

EDUCATION: traditionally, students saw teachers and academics as having authority - but no more. Academics are not producing the answers for society's problems - we have more serious crime, more drugs and more alcoholism than ever before. Except for a relatively few academics who have the courage to speak up about the afterlife and the paranormal, generally academics remain quiet, withdrawn and introverted.

POLICE: The public are showing more suspion of and hostility to police than ever before. Since 2001 police been handed greater and greater powers all in the name of "security." As the climate of fear increases there is less co-operation and more perception of abuse of power. At the same time the government puts pressure onto police officers to make them tax collectors by significantly increasing the fines and prosecutions for motor traffic violations.

MEDICINE: Whilst medical research is helping with longevity, and other medical specialists do wonderful work at the operating table, many people are losing faith in a system dominated by big pharmaceutical companies who dominate the decision making of doctors. By and large, general practitioners are treating the 'symptom' not the 'cause.' In the United States, if you are not insured, it would virtually be impossible for the lower income people to get decent medical care - if any. One report showed that a doctor charged a patient the sum of $450 for just treating a cut on a forearm.

MEDIA: fewer people are buying newspapers these days. Loss of newspaper sales has been dramatic. One Sydney newspaper, Every Day, in desperation puts in pages of football players hoping at least it can keep the football fans on side. People are showing more distrust in modern journalism which is dominated by low level sensationalism and focus on violence and scandal. We see journalists expressing personal views every day that people find insulting. These journalists are not promoting or pursuing the truth or anything uplifting or what is in the best interest of the people generally. They are promoting the values and beliefs of the owners of the media.

RELIGION: The Catholic Church leaders in Western countries tell us they are facing the most serious crisis in history because there has been a huge drop in church attendances. The huge pedophilia scandals have disgusted the whole world. The Church has had to pay huge amount of monies over the years (one billion dollars on the U.S. East coast alone) in compensation. Further, people are becoming more pessimistic and cynical about religious beliefs. Why, they are asking, should we accept beliefs created by people who lived thousands of years ago. In the twenty first century they see much of religion as irrelevant, too fantastic to accept. People are seeking a personally relevant spirituality that makes sense of their experience. Certainly, educated people gave up blind faith in religious beliefs years ago.

The world evolution towards Truth is inevitable, unavoidable, inescapable and will be attained in the future.

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