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Being Peaceful

By Tracy Webb

Since deciding that my purpose in life is to be peaceful, I have been amazed at the changes that have occurred. The more peaceful I become the more amazing life becomes towards me. I have found a way of maintaining peacefulness each day. Every situation I find myself in - no matter what it may be - I affirm to myself that my purpose is to "be peaceful." Obviously this can have its challenges, however, if your mind is focused in this way it can become natural to be peaceful in each moment. It may be that you decide that your purpose in life is to "be" something else, however, the same principles apply.

Life seems to happen to us everyday... we find ourselves in difficult situations, being thrown between this experience and that experience, wondering when it will get better. Thinking that "God" is punishing us or that we are not good enough to expect anything better than we have. You can see how easy it is to become despondent and dissatisfied. If however, you approach life as you would a lover or friend - with respect and love - then life will approach you in the same way.

How often do you get out of bed and fall into your day? What would happen if when you woke you spent sometime breathing consciously and setting a direction or intention for your day? If you decide for example, that today is a good day and that you will be happy no matter what, you would approach it with a different attitude. You would have taken control and responsibility for your day and your experience of the day would be different to any other day that you "fell into." You would be more likely to maintain your sense of equanimity and the quality you have decided is your purpose will become stronger in you.

The universe is reciprocal - it treats you the same way as you treat it, as with everything in life. Whatever you give you receive. This is the law of attraction. Through thoughts, actions and emotions, we emit a personal frequency to the universe that attracts like frequencies to it and delivers it back to us with love as our experiences. Life is a mirror reflecting back the quality of frequency you are emitting. The universe gives us everything we ask for whether it is conscious or unconscious, perfectly and lovingly, as this is what we asked for through our communion with it. Every thought or emotion we have is a direct communion with the universe, stating our fears and desires, requesting more experiences that mirror that level of awareness.

Ultimately we are all just vibrating energy communicating with each other and everything else through the personal frequency we emit. Our task is to be the best we can, to be the best expression of god we can be through managing the frequencies we emit. However, our personality, ego, conditioning and our stories tend to get in the way of this simple fact. We become attached to them and live our lives from that standpoint, mistakenly believing them to be us. There are so many people living their lives from experiences that happened years ago, experiences designed for learning that no longer exist in your life, except for in your thoughts of them. These thoughts keep your experiences alive and the more time you spend on them the stronger they become. People are carrying all there past experiences through their whole life and allowing it to affect everything they do now. Life is happening now, not yesterday or tomorrow - only now. Will your experience of the now be clouded and coloured by events that happened 20 years ago or will it be as new and fresh as the moment? It is all a matter or choice.

You would probably not agree that your life situation has been a choice - however, by being human and thinking thoughts you are effectively choosing your next experience. This is mostly done unconsciously as you would not consciously create the situations you find yourself in. The quality of your thoughts reflects the quality of your situation. Have you ever stopped and monitored your thoughts? Are you aware of what you think about each day? Do you notice how you re feeling in different circumstances? All of these feelings and emotions emit their own strong frequencies, which are constantly attracting more of the same. Can you think of a time when you were worried about something? The more you thought about it the worse it seemed to get. The mind is directed on the problem and keeps going over and over it without a solution. Instead of focusing on the problem, try to direct your mind on to the solution: how can I create more wealth, love, happiness, health, etc. This gives the mind a new direction to follow and it will go off and find new ways to create your chosen objective.

Life meets us where we are. Everyday, every moment is an opportunity to express ourselves in new ways. Do you perpetuate old habits and thought patterns and find yourself in similar situations over and over again? Can you see that by changing your thoughts and your perspective from "this is my lot and I have to put up with it" to "anything is possible" and "what can I do today to make my life more wonderful?" What differences that change in thinking will make to your life! Do you notice how that shift makes you feel more empowered instead of resigned to having more of the same? Think of yourself as the vibrations and frequencies that you ultimately are what frequency do you normally emit? Do you vibrate love, happiness and peace or do you vibrate anger, resentment, guilt and fear? Look at your life situation and you will get your answer.

Through Vipassana meditation, becoming more self-aware and my life experiences, the nature of the universe is becoming more apparent to me. From my perspective, I see the universe as ever expanding and growing, seeking self-expression through each of us, in all the unlimited ways that can be.

The realisation that life is all there is and that everything is the same at the sub atomic level and the only difference is the level of awareness and intelligence of each individual aspect of the universe is liberating. Life exists within itself! How amazing! We are life interacting with life we are God expressing God. Everything we do affects the whole universe and ourselves because it is all interconnected on every level of existence. The universe exists everywhere at the same strength - there isn't more of it over there than there is here, it is constant and ever present, everywhere at the same time. This scientifically proven fact is what governs the universe perfectly.

We are all the same stuff with a personalised frequency, self expressing God the only way we know how. The question is, how do you choose to express God through you?

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