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Listening to Your Inner Master

By Edwin Harkness Spina

We have a spiritual responsibility to take back our power - to think our own thoughts and avoid blindly accepting the edicts and opinions of others. The ability to think is a God-given gift that humans enjoy. By tapping into your inner master and interpreting the intuitions that you receive, you are using this gift for its highest purpose. The tricky part is distinguishing the voice of your inner master (or higher self) from the voice of your ego.

In our society, we have been conditioned to accept our ego as our true self. Revolver, a recent film directed by Guy Ritchie and starring Jason Statham, makes this point precisely. It's a bit hard to understand, until you realize that the "enemy" referred to in the movie is the ego.

Initially, Revolver appears to be a gangster's tale of revenge. Jake Green is guided by two "wise" loan sharks who offer to teach him how to win the ultimate game. They offer cryptic clues like, "The greatest enemy will hide in the last place you will ever look." Jake assumes that it's an external enemy who is attempting to subdue him.

It's the same for most of us. We look outside ourselves at our potential "enemies," vowing to overcome them. In reality, everything that we perceive in the world is just the outer reflection of our inner thoughts. The ultimate battle lies within.

Our ego is designed to protect us from harm. As more attention is directed towards it, it grows. It is not necessarily an enemy, as Revolver portrays it, but can better be likened to an unruly child who wants what it wants, when it wants.

Just like an unruly child, the ego must be guided by a wiser being, that is, your inner master or higher self. A necessary step on the spiritual path is the surrender of the ego - that is, listening to the voice of your inner master, not your ego.

In Revolver, Jake is told, "You've heard that voice for so long, you believe it to be you," and "the greatest con that he ever pulled was making you believe that he is you." He begins to realize the battle is within him.

At the film's climax, the camera cuts between "true Jake" and "ego Jake." Finally, Jake tells his ego, "You don't control me. I control you." He has won the ultimate game.

So it is in real life. When you can distinguish between the voice of the ego and that of your inner master/higher self, and then act based on the wisdom you receive from your inner master, you are well on your way to winning the ultimate game.

A long-term mystic once said, "Don't let your mind act as the attorney for your ego." When you are busy "convincing yourself" that you are right, you're using your mind as an attorney. It might be logical, but it's not your highest source of wisdom.

So, how to tell the difference? The voice of the ego is characterized by being: self-centered, self-aggrandizing, fear-based, angry, anxious, rationalizing, complaining, and reactive. Conversely, the voice of your higher self is characterized by being: humble, loving, compassionate, peaceful, harmonious, trusting, tolerant, merciful, forgiving, grateful and proactive.

Every moment of every day, you make a choice to listen to either your ego or your higher self. The more you identify with your higher self, the greater your spiritual power - the faster things manifest - the more synchronicities you experience. Ultimately, you merge with your higher self and become Self-realized.

On Earth, the "game" is rigged to give your ego the edge. It takes clarity, desire and dedication to change this default setting, to listen to your higher self. The best time to perceive the finer, more subtle voice of your higher self is during meditation, when your external senses are shut down. I would never consider making an important decision without meditating, or as one wise guru stated, "go to the market without first going to the bank."

With practice, your inner voice will become louder. You will "feel" or "intuit" that certain actions are best, rather than having to solely rely on your intellect, which, ultimately, can’t know all there is to know to make a truly "perfect" decision.

You will know that you’ve had a breakthrough when you contemplate a situation that seems totally contradictory, but then it suddenly makes sense. The flash of enlightenment that reconciles two seemingly opposite viewpoints is joyful. Zen masters give their students koans, or riddles, to encourage these experiences.

Another sign that you are listening to your inner self, is when the answer you receive makes sense on more than one level. Real truth reveals itself in many ways. The Exercise to Release Limiting Beliefs is an extremely effective way to connect with and receive guidance from your higher self. Many readers have written to say that this short 16-minute meditation is their favorite. It is contained in the Energy Center Clearing package, and is even more effective after you have cleared and energized yourself with Energy Center Clearing - see details of this approach below...

Whatever your preferred spiritual approach, practice listening to your own inner master to manifest your true self.

Edwin Harkness Spina is an award-winning author and speaker. Ed is dedicated to presenting practical mystical techniques to improve people's lives and expand their minds. His workshops and seminars emphasize the practical application of these techniques to help others manifest their dreams.

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