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By Sage

My friend, Jon, handed me a copy of the latest issue of "the Fuse", a political activist newsletter. I thanked him, sat down and started reading it. Last night, after hearing an internationally recognized channel and author, a stirring began in me. I decided to write this article. My question within was this: "why couldn't I get excited about 'the call for peace', and why was I not excited for causes that simply initiate the call 'pray peace'?"

I've been taught, and know, that "fighting for or against" anything (cure for cancer, anti-drug, anti-war, fighting for pro-life, or lets use, for example, "fighting for peace", etc.) is only confirming, at least in that particular reality, for that person, that peace doesn't exist. This literally translates to "that the lack of peace exists and shows up in the form of war." I've also been taught, and know, that when people pray for anything they are "needing", the very thing that they "need", or perceive they "need", comes from an erroneous belief in lack, that what they "need" doesn't exist and they must do something to produce it. One effect of the emotion of fear is to tell us that we perceive that we do not have what we "need".

The Ancients knew that whatever you put your attention on, you simply just create more of "that", even if "that" is what you do not want. The Higher Consciousness teaches that creation comes from thought. When you think, your neurological pathways are searched for the most used, familiar memories. When such memories are located, they automatically trigger an emotion - either of fear or love. Hence, the Law of Attraction creates (attracts) into your reality not only that which you love, but that which you fear - again, all starting with thought. "Love", when conditional, is the polar opposite of fear. To be, or not to be, aware of your guiding emotion (love or fear) simply determines whether you are a conscious, deliberate, Creator, or an unconscious, possibly misaligning, Creator. This explains why you think you really want, desire, or need, something, yet you don't experience "that" something. Either way, you create "that" which is in your reality - all of it, whether you like it or not. You have created it there, in your reality.

The belief that you do not create everything, allows you to remain in Victim Consciousness, feeling powerless, to the degree of belief. This is the Great Illusion. Earth is a planet based in Duality. Duality allows you to see realities (experiences) through opposites. Duality allows you to experience both ends of the poles - good/bad, happy/sad, right/wrong, peace/war, etc., until you no longer need to experience the polar opposite. In other words, Victim Consciousness is determined not by duality but by one's misperception of duality.

The example I give is to remember the cartoon, Popeye. We were taught through the three main characters, that there is, in Duality, a perpetrator (victimizer) who victimizes a person (victim) and, therefore, a need for a rescuer (hero). Hence, this is symbolic of how Victim Consciousness works and exists.

When one truly knows they are the center of their own universe, and the only one in it, then the realization will come forth that if they perceive themselves as a victim, they must not only be the victim but also the victimizer and rescuer, as well. At the instant you look outside of yourself, you then project any one of those parts (victim, victimizer, or rescuer) onto others; again, the cycle repeats which allows you to perceive yourself as a victim of something or someone. Again, one of the greatest erroneous beliefs is that "victims" exist.

If something is not pleasing to you, then take responsibility for "that" which is in your reality, and consciously re-create something else. Responsibility does not mean, "blame". Moving from "not wanting" something, out of fear, will only create a bilateral, Dualistic move, bringing you back to attracting to you "that" which you are fearing to begin with. Integrate the underlying fear by first locating the erroneous belief and replace it with a new perception that is based on truth and not on fear, letting go of your attachment to the erroneous belief. If you attempt to hold on to the old erroneous belief, you can't integrate the underlying fear.

If you come from the emotion of fear, "praying peace" is essentially based on the same result as "praying for peace/to have peace" because it silently implies that you don't have "that" which you want, desire, or feel that you need; that "peace" is not yet present (in your presence). In his book, The Isaiah Effect, Gregg Braden presents the Fifth Mode of Prayer, which teaches us that "praying peace" implies, or translates down to, "that" which you want, desire, or need, is already present. But how can it be if you are coming from the emotion of fear, which says that you are afraid you don't have "that" which you want, desire, or need?

I suggest, instead, that you set a higher intention of feeling as if peace is already here. Feel how wonderful peace is to you, and determine whether the emotion used to draw (attract) to you, is love. When the emotion used to draw (attract) to you is love, then bingo! However, if you haven't zeroed out your underlying fears or the erroneous beliefs that hold the fear in place, meaning the absence of peace, then that emotion (fear) is undoubtedly what you use, consciously or unconsciously, to attract into your reality "that" which you want, desire, or need. Hence, when you "pray peace", you revert back to "that" which you started with, "praying for peace/to have peace", only it may appear more Conscious. In essence, you have moved, bilaterally, in Duality.

To clarify, I paraphrase these words from my teacher, Jeanne Hatch. "Realize your fear of war. As long as you fear war or any by-product/experience coming from war, then you are giving that idea energy/power and are, therefore, helping to create war. You only fear war because you have an erroneous belief about it. A fear of war is an erroneous belief in the lack of peace." So, through the absence of belief in peace, war will exist. Fear is a form of resistance; so what you resist you are giving power to. What you resist, you attract to you. Therefore, when you protest war you actually attract it to you since protest is a form of resistance.

I asked my Higher Self, being inspired by my stirring, "What can I do to create a 'Remembrance' that peace already exists?" My guides told me to share with people "Pray Awareness". My definition of "Pray Awareness" is one of "All-encompassing Love". Acknowledge "Peace" with a capital P, rather than simply praying to stop "the war". Go further and deeper in the knowing that, when the last person on this planet no longer has the need for war (meaning the experiences experienced from the Duality of good/bad, right/wrong, loss/gain, or whatever), then war will cease to exist.

Through true or full awareness people will Remember that Peace has always been here, inside each and every one of us. We need do nothing outside of ourselves as Peace is within, peace being absolute acceptance. Peace is the result of acceptance and allowance. Peace is a state of "being" rather than a state of "doing". "Doing" is based in Duality as it implies that there is a "need" to do something. We "need" do nothing except simply Remember.

Does anyone out there relate? Does anyone out there Remember?

Copyright © 2005 Sage
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