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The Love

By Tim Stone

Excerpt from Tim Stone's book, "The Love - Evolution to Eternity"

Chapter 1: The University of Life

At the moment in one hundred and fifty years not one person on the planet will be alive, so the opportunities which await our generation may provide a profound leap in understanding for the future of life on Earth. 'The Love' is a book of dreams which will hopefully inspire love, equality, faith, happiness and wisdom. Education and travel has allowed me to gain an insight into human belief, hopes and aspirations. Specific research, cultural acceptance and a dedicated understanding of people has allowed me to gain enlightenment in regard to our universe, the planet and humanity. Humanity's perceptions and society's definition of life has evolved gradually and we have prospered through many emotional, religious, cultural, social and economic diversions.

'The Love' attempts to answer some of the more challenging questions that confront humanity and therefore predict the prospects of future civilizations, and will also provide answers to the equation of evolution and trace our path from the beginning of time to the distant future. Subsequently we need to understand where are we from, what are we, who are we, why are we here and where are we going. In trying to find the answers we seek I have often felt as though I had the "burden of the world on my back."

I refer to the complex relationships which develop between people as "the university of life," which is our experience of life with one another and is compelling towards achieving our personal destiny. In life sometimes meeting other people is part of your education or personal mission because it allows you to fulfill your dreams and desires. It could be a conversation of love, finance, integrity, skill or passion which engages your mind and can help form part of your character. For instance understanding the virtual example of famous, well respected and popular leaders and creators can allow society to develop within, by appreciating our unique existence and extraordinary opportunities, because the respect we show for one another is directly relevant to the shape of our soul. I believe that we all learn, share and contribute to the development of one another and therefore humanity has a common bond, in that we have evolved together and consequently will remain together. The way in which we do this remains a question of destiny. Humanity has developed significant levels of intelligence, infrastructure and information from which all of society should prosper. Therefore throughout life it is important to "choose your love, and love your choice."

The future will provide solutions for every one of us, and our ability to use these freedoms will depend on people power and human integrity. Our future will be boosted by the compounding effect of international cooperation, shared infrastructure and unprecedented exponential development. In time the insecurities and uncertainties of life will disappear altogether, providing us all with equal opportunities, equipoise and social justice. "There are some things one can only achieve by a deliberate leap in the opposite direction. One has to go abroad in order to find the home one has lost."

Travel, passion and sharing between humans are the factors which will determine when we find the answers humanity is searching for. Human understanding begins with acceptance and belief of realistic and practical concepts or ideas. Throughout evolution humanity's learning and development is generally based upon principles which are acceptable to the society and community in which they live. Therefore relative understanding and perception are influenced by language, education and living conditions. At present we all interpret issues and ideas differently because of the opportunities and education we have developed throughout society. Subsequently individuals' understanding and opportunities throughout life are immensely incomparable and the only way to improve this imparity is to hope that humanity places equality, acceptance and love ahead of personal gain and recognition. The purpose of 'The Love' is to try and create a "more peaceful world."

'The Love' is published by Pantheon Press but Tim has generously made the full book freely available to you in PDF format for download here.

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