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The Language of Change

By Glenn A. Smith

"Change is inevitable!" "The only thing permanent is impermanence." The notion of change seems innocuous enough to be a "no brainer". It's everywhere! What about "real" change? I'm talking about the kind of change that bends the course of human existence. For example, the Renaissance or the creation of nuclear power or even in the most recent past, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Internet or global warming! These could be construed as paradigm shifts. In other words, for better or worse, life as we know it, will be or is altered forever!

Big change has become a part of life in the 21st century and "it" feels like its accelerating on many fronts. Big change has permeated every corner and many levels of life on Earth: Jobs, marriages, living arrangements, family dynamics, ecosystems, traditions, beliefs, climates, borders, technology, DNA and the list grows. Personally, I feel prompted to write about change because I've been swept by it. Recently, I have been fighting changes in my life and now, I have reached a point of surrender. I'm exhausted and at the same time, I'm elated. I discovered a very deep truth about change. So profound this truth is, when the realization occurred, I felt a physical shift in my body as I recall past lessons. (Isn't it terrific when one discovers why things of the past link to what is happening now?)

Years ago, I attended a shamanic retreat in the mountains of Utah. A Mayan shaman from Guatemala offered a powerful vision from his elders. He and other shaman were asked to leave their villages in the highlands of Guatemala to offer this vision to the four directions. I was lucky enough to hear this profound message along with 23 others. These people of various ages, cultures and back grounds sat in a circle as the Shaman blessed the space with copal. I had this feeling that I had stumbled onto this event and yet, I felt I had recognized my place. Time, space and meaning seemed altered as the Shaman greeted each of us with a smile and a nod of acknowledgement.

He began to speak of the end of an era he called, "The 500 year cycle of destruction." He spoke of the Mayan calendar and how it links celestial events to Earthly events. According to his elders, the 500 year cycle began with the landing of the "people of the cross" on the American continent. He spoke of how the story has been passed down from generation to generation in the oral tradition. "The elders knew the Europeans were coming and the people set up watch points along the coast to ready themselves for the arrival of these men." he said in perfect English. Imagine, having that kind of power to see into the future and using that power to prepare your people for the "changes" that were coming? He went on to describe the events of the past to present leading to the eventual completion of the current Mayan calendar. Despite the visions and "readiness", nothing prepared the thousands of indigenous peoples for the destruction brought upon them by the arrival of the European. One story goes like this. "We resisted the conquistadors until they burned the corn." "We surrendered as if paralyzed because who would burn the gift of the Gods?" "Such beings were never to be defeated". The shaman spoke of war, disease, starvation, the destruction of sacred shrines and the killing of elders. "The surviving elders had to protect what was remaining of our culture so they vanished into the mountain rain forests, "he said.

Not until what "new agers" called the harmonic conversion of 1987 did the elders make a decision to come out of isolation and begin the "preparation of the planting of seeds." This planting of seeds manifested in the sharing of sacred knowledge with all peoples of the world. I learned during this meeting, I was part of the elder's vision.

As the elders predicted, the Harmonic Conversion would coincide with cosmic events indicated on their Mayan calendar. That specific time was predicted to be the beginning of a gestation period followed by a period of great upheaval, which according to the shaman is, right now! "Earth and all of its inhabitants are now in the "in-between time", the Shaman said. According to the Mayan elders, this is where the death of an old age and the birth of an entire new age lay at the center of the Milky Way on December 21st, 2012. It was explained that on the winter solstice of 2012, (northern hemisphere) the sun will be at the center of the cosmic birth canal; giving birth to a new existence. A time the shaman says will require all beings to be in balance with the natural rhythms of the cosmos or as he said, "in our heart of hearts and truth of truths". He said being in balance with nature as well as our own natures will allow a more graceful transition into the next age. "We will become beings of pure light and love. "Our Hopi brothers call us, the "blue corn people" and my elders call us the 'honeybeings". It was further explained that all races of the world will become one.

While I heard these messages, my personal beliefs had me wondering about a lot of this information. Even in my doubt, I took notice that the shaman spoke with more power and conviction than any priest or minister I have ever heard. During the gathering, I was overwhelmed by subtle energies, shifts in thoughts and curious confusion. I came to believe that I was experiencing the language of change on an archetypal level that represented deep meaning. A language I was strangely familiar with, as if it were a code that matched internal knowledge which unlocked a new reality.

Nothing could have prepared me for those days with the shaman. I argued in my mind that it was all just someone else's belief and I refused to believe in the power of the messages he delivered. Yet, I kept going back for more information and the more I found out, the more I realized how out of balance society has become. So much so, it frightened me to the point I choose to run and dismiss the events as "just a phase". I never took into consideration that quite possibly, I was hearing a universal truth. That indeed, all spiritual beliefs, worldly as well as people's personal events have been, all along, preparing for this time. I began to see that all chaos, confusion, division and struggle were perhaps the death-thralls of an old age and it's just what is. Maybe a quickening is occurring and we are at the threshold of enormous change! Or, had I simply witnessed the ancient art of story telling for the purposes of initiating deep change?

So, the Maya practice what they call creation ceremonies. They let go of all that no longer serves them. They bless their ancestors and heal their relations so they can take the healing into the next era. They take all that is in balance with nature with them into the next era by using the current "in between time" as a time of planting the new vision into gestation. They pray for direction and they embrace the changes as part of the great mystery. Like the Hopi, the Maya are the people they have been waiting for. Are you? Am I? Are we?

Glenn is a burgeoning personal growth writer who currently resides in the Denver, Colorado area. Glenn's writing serves as a voice that echos what humanity already knows: we are all co-creators of the emerging age of enlightenment. As foretold by Mayan elder, Eric Gonzalez, and the voices of Glenn's spirit-guides, Glenn's life purpose is to be one of the many voices of the emerging paradigm. Join Glenn in the great mystery as it unfolds for all of humanity.

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