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Water as Teacher

By Sheree Rainbolt-Kren

We have an ancient teacher to guide us home if we are ready. It seems to me, we could try something new; something that works. If you are not ready for this idea, as something that could be instructive for your own personal journey, please save it to file. You will need it eventually.

Water attaches to nothing. Water has no idol to worship. Water has no personal desire and no money to purchase what desire craves. Water has no mirror to adore itself and no interest in winning or losing. Water knows no score and prize.

Water flows over and through all things without worry it will become unlike itself. Water is without deliberate intention. Water is liquid, taken form, to show us how to live. We often see only the vessel, and not what is within. This Liquid Love. Water is without judgment and resistance. Therefore, Water is the perfect Teacher for the physical realm, where judgment and resistance keeps us from going with the flow.

Water has only one function: to Be only what it Is without resistance. Not to cleanse, for Water does not judge anything in need of cleansing. Water has no Master to teach it more than what is already perfect allowing. Water has no Certificate Of Achievement, so as to advance to bigger and better.

Water willingly fits all containers. It has no preferences for red, white and blue, or green, or deeper aqua. Water is blind. It is only because Water is perfectly willing to be what it Is, that it could change form without judgment and resistance. Water waits unconsciously for your next thought. Good or bad. There is no covenant to keep Water from hurting itself.

Water makes sound only when meeting matter. Water makes taste and smell only when meeting matter. Water makes sight only when meeting matter. Water makes texture only when meeting matter. It is matter defining water for matter.

Water never dams because it senses danger, or a need to dam. It dams when physical matter has an idea. Water does not get angry at ideas. It obeys, for it is water. Water has no concern with what you will make of it. It simply obeys the thought that molds it, for it is Water and willingly allows for all ideas. It does so without fear that your idea will make it unsavory or unsafe. It does so without guilt that it appears in a form unpleasing to some. It does so without anger that it's living properties are polluted. Water is always what matter wants it to be. Water does not report you to the authorities for hurting it, for Water knows what it Is.

Water is without consciousness, as we define it. But Water is not Water by accident. Water is given to be a teaching tool for those tired of physical measure. When the rich bathe, water envelops the bather. When the poor bathe, water envelops the bather. When the white bathe, the black bathe, the gay bathe and the straight bathe, water does not discern, then cause waves to move people away. Force causes waves. Consciousness is Force. Yet, water is obedient and is built to go with the flow.

Water does not praise or chastise. Water is the Supreme teacher showing us what love looks and feels like. Water is not the forgiver. Water sees no error to forgive. Water sees no this and that, then decides for one or the other.

Water will find itself in a crevice and naturally fill it without seeing it in need of filling. Water will find itself at the edge of a mountain top and naturally spill over it, without seeing it in need of spilling. Water rushes and winds, and water will sometimes be still, without concern that it is still too long. Water is without agenda and expectation.

Water knows not time, nor space. Water has no map to dictate it's direction and boundary. Water has no conference table to allot itself in bottles for him and her. These are human yearnings. Water would not be water if it were to pound a self righteous fist, or justify it's allotment based on the Principals of Deliberate Creation. Water does not anger at the refreshed, nor does Water cry for the thirsty. Water is not afraid of drought, or flood. Water has no preference for anything more than what Is. What it IS is perfect.

If water were to identify with left or right of Center, Water could not teach us peace. Only those strongly attached to solid matter will resent Water's true purpose. Water obeys, even if it appears that Water devastates. Water absorbs energy we gift it, and acts accordingly as a mirror of our creations. Force is the cause of motion. Force, at its root, is consciousness. Water responds to consciousness. This is meant to be good news. Or not.

Water flows the natural and the unnatural landscape, for it knows not how to resist that which IS. Water fills man made lakes and natural rivers without concern that it invests wrongly, or rightly. Water embraces the rock and the sand alike. Water cannot be grasped with hands or feet. Water is stored when a handful of water is insufficient. Water naturally flows through loose fingers, but will not object to a shelf full of security, if that is your wish.

How can we become like Water? By remembering what we are. Water will teach us, if we release our human drama and learn. Our only task here is to, first, know obstacle, then know peace. Water will teach us both. It won't be easy. What if the truth of this human experience has everything to do with clear liquid motion, without resistance, or fear? Like Water. Water is unconditional Love, in form. The largest form on planet earth.

If you could pick the substance of your experience, what could be better than the very essence of free will? The license to flow north, south, east and west, with no one managing your choices, your journey, or the outcome.

If water shape-shifts, or morphs, it is because water is a gift of true love. You are allowed to have your way with it. But, by the same token, your way will be your way. The rivers, lakes, streams and oceans are learning from us right now. This liquid canvass is always ready and willing to be nothing more, and nothing less than our broadcast desire. It is good.

The purpose in coming here is to Know Thyself. Experience Thyself. Perhaps we were meant to simply pass through, like a flowing river without the taxing investment in landscape and form. We were not truly created to judge, change, improve and fix, but to observe and flow, with grace and ease, with what IS. That is because What Is, already IS. There is nothing to add to What already IS. There is only unknowingness begging experience on one level or another. Master one level, and new substance will emerge to guide you.

Can you imagine a greater power than to realize such Self Knowing that nothing taking place can keep you from being what you are? What trust and faith is needed where there is no fear? A brilliant scientist, Fred Alan Wolfe, Author of Taking The Quantum Leap, and featured speaker on What The Bleep Do We Know, says this: "The Observer does not disturb. He merely accepts what Is." If there were ever a perfect definition of Water, this would be it. If there were ever a perfect definition of God, this would be it.

Humans define consciousness from the human perspective. Water is conscious, but we cannot define it. We have yet to even conceive of its true purpose. Love is patient. Water does not determine what is real and what is not, and then makes plans based on pie charts. Water is not led to distraction, for water Is; and what Is, has no doubt. What Is - is so sure of itself, that it literally loses itself in the All. The Center dissolves from definition and infinity is born from Knowledge. From Knowledge comes Recognition, comes Allowance, comes Love.

Become aware now. Look and feel around you. Soak in liquid Love and witness to the movement of a warm bath that embraces every bit of the external you. Let this be of interest to you. Then, when you come to understand how water truly lives outside your mind, you will be ready to experience how love waits for you inside your mind. What matters most is that you recognize the truth when it envelops you.

It is not what water does that teaches. It is what water IS that makes Water a Teacher.

Copyright © 2006
Sheree Rainbolt-Kren is a certified Reiki Master and an Ordained Minister with World Reiki Ministry. She teaches Reiki and spiritual dowsing. Ms. Rainbolt-Kren also facilitates online healing workshops for the Inner Child and Weight Issues. No one is ever turned away for the inability to pay. All is well.

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