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Mirroring and Law of Attraction

By Sheree Rainbolt-Kren

When a friend or lover betrays you, or a boss fires you, or a mentor forgets you, or a parent ignores you, or a child runs away from you, you are usually shocked and dismayed. At first, you will likely feel anger, sadness, and even rage in some circumstances. This will get projected out there (seemingly), for the pain is too much to hold in. You will do and say things to try and counteract this pain, and some of those things will be ugly. After a little while, when the initial shock wears off, and you are more clear headed, you might be tempted to ask, "Hmm, what is this showing me about myself? What is it inside me that is unhealed, that I would invite this painful lesson? I am so lost and confused."

If we are seekers, we might turn to our trusted teachers and advisors to help us sort things out. One of them will surely confirm a need of the mirror to show you where you are in need of healing. You might engage in an exercise or two. Then, the questions come pouring out. "Who did I fire in my life? Who did I cheat on? Who did I ignore? Oh good heavens, that's a long sorry list! Who did I run from? My mother! Hmm. Karma. Or, wait! Could it be that I am afraid of betrayal, afraid of being fired, afraid of being forgotten, afraid of being ignored or run from? Could that be my reflection? I'll come back to that. Am I only being asked to detach from my expectations of people in this world? Yeah, that totally resonates. Gosh darn these reminders! I'm writing that one down. Or, here's another idea: Maybe my mirror is asking me to see the Love in myself, by first seeing it in him and it has nothing at all to do with betrayal, insensitivity and forgetfulness. That might be right. I could go with that too. Maybe what I am seeing is a Grid Burst, or a DNA sequence on autopilot, or a Sacred Contract unfolding, or Mad Cow Disease. Wait! I drink milk! Everyone knows that cows are pissed. Hmm" Who is keeping the spreadsheet on this movie, so she can identify herself in the mirror properly?

At this point, you might be asked to meditate on it. You are given a colorful word doc. outlining the Law Of Attraction, and sent on your way with a genuine smile and a hug. Lots to ponder, and so little time. Maybe it would be a good idea to cut to the chase. "What emotion/thought is that other person projecting on me? Anger? Big Anger! Gosh, I didn't know I was so angry. Oh my. People always tell me how kind I am. I will work on that." You breathe a heavy sigh and slump in your chair. This is just one tiny example of course.

Have you considered this? Maybe you are a Human Angel, present to be an example of forgiveness for those around you. Maybe you chose to show up here and be light no matter what, as Jesus did. If anyone could have had serious misgivings with the mirror concept, or the concept of Law of Attraction, it would be Jesus, his Mother and Father, and millions of loving hearts since. I'll expound on this in a bit.

Maybe you spend way too much time at the mirror trying to kill yourself.

You will be invited to tune into our lower and lower frequencies while you are here in 3D. All energy is our energy. The mirror is the perfect tool the ego has with which to entice you to see your insane mind, fixate upon it, and create more chaos. Not for the purpose of assisting you, or illuminating hidden thoughts, but to shame you. You don't need 3D to show you to yourself. You need the lamp of Source.

We have been taught by well meaning and hard working spiritual leaders that everything we see out there is really nothing but a mirror reflection of everything that is going on in here. Mirroring in times of despair is a very popular tool for spiritual growth. A brilliant ego invention, I must say. I used it a few times myself. I have even written about this concept.

The basic premise of mirroring: People who push our buttons are our best teachers. These people act as our mirrors and, if we are observant, can show us what needs to be revealed about ourselves. Identifying what we react to negatively in others aids us in looking more deeply at ourselves for like traits that call for healing. All one needs for this process is a label, a journal and ten minutes. No muss, no fuss spiritual growth. Did you know we are capable of deciphering the eternal and infinite MultiVerse, in a journal, in ten minutes, based on our 3D perceptions of a couple of 3D things? Cool beans.

This article will explore the concept that everything we see outside ourselves, in other human beings, or in nature, can be used consistently and reliably to see and understand aspects of ourselves, at the level of personal experience. This theory is called the Mirror Concept. It is taught by many. It can be likened to the Law Of Attraction. If you are on a dedicated spiritual journey, you know what I am referring to. The words might be different, but the concepts are similar. This article does not refute all like principals today, nor does it wholly reject the Mirror concept. I am focusing my attention only on the Mirroring concept as a mainstream tool people use daily for their personal growth and healing. These are complicated issues and will never be settled within the context of one article. I have also learned that all things truly surrendered to Light, has healing potential.

It is my personal belief that the Mirror concept, specifically, is doing more to set seekers back than any other spiritual growth tool we employ. It's a devious ego tool created to illicit guilt and shame. I will state my case here and you can draw you own conclusions based on some additional information. You may read this and disagree entirely. These are my own intuitive findings, and as you may learn, contradict much of what is taught around the Mirror concept. There was a time, not so long ago, that I used these concepts in my own spiritual journey. I have recently come to hold some new views, even as they are still unfolding and evolving. But, this is where I am right now. It's important enough to share, even before I have these thoughts lined up perfectly, if there is such a thing.

I am not a doctor or a scientist. I am a wife, mother of three, and a professional writer and teacher of Reiki, Dowsing and Spiritual Growth. I have not received any formal training in the area of Quantum Physics. Those reading along with advanced math degrees will need to bring it down a few notches. My second grade teacher gave up on me and sent me to the art room, where I thrived. How I made it out of High School, is anyone's guess. After many years in professional show business, I became a dedicated student of A Course In Miracles and a newer student of Quantum Physics. My inspiration comes from my studies in these areas, as well as my direct experience working with the Light Realms while using Reiki and Dowsing . This article is likely to inspire more questions than answers. But, I offer this viewpoint as a way to help you see things differently.

One of the first books I read that helped me to understand mirroring is called, The Holographic Universe. It's written by Michael Talbott, based on the well known and stunning findings of University of London physicist, David Bohm, a protege of Albert Einstein's and one of the world's most respected quantum physicists; and Karl Pribram, a neurophysiologist at Stanford University. Interestingly, these two arrived at their theories independently, while working from two very different directions. Their work is supported by many well known scientists and the list is growing. If you would like some in depth understanding of the Holographic theory, please read the book. I certainly don't claim to get it all, but I know enough.

The Mirror concept and Law of Attraction, as humans have thus far defined it, are unfortunate simplifications of the way things work in the MultiVerse. Yes, there is a definite mirror dynamic at work, but we have only lightly touched upon it and how it effects all things. It is not nearly as simple as we have taught. Regarding Mirroring and Law Of Attraction, there are many factors at play. Here is a short list:

  • History: past, present and future
  • The collective conscious mind
  • The collective subconscious mind
  • The Superconscious Mind
  • The vibrational strength of archetypes
  • Cultural interpretations
  • Language translations
  • The effects of miracles and prayer
  • The Galaxies
  • The vibrational influence of all potential

I ask you to please keep this writing in a drawer somewhere, even if you wish to discount it at this time. When you have had enough pain from using a 3D mirror to hurt yourself, you will need this to confirm your suspicions.

The Mirror concept and the Law of Attraction are linked in theory. You can pick up any number of New Thought books and learn how you create your own reality. Your own thoughts create your own life experience. That would be more accurate if you were here in the hologram with your own 3D mind and causing only your own 3D effects, within that 3D framework. But, we know that is not the case. Having said that, partnership with Light. Love and Knowledge can elevate the mind above 3D, even as we are in human form. That is called a miracle and it happens frequently.

According to A Course in Miracles and the Holographic Paradigm, this seemingly physical experience we are having is a holographic movie, relooping through the density of time and space as a way to keep us from our true identity; the real You. Not the false, fragmented you that shows up as tiny pieces of mirror each day to remind you of your seeming separation with the I AM consciousness. I am afraid I will have to expound on that at a later time. But, I approach this article from that foundational belief. Suffice it to say however, that the mirrors/people you see each day are not real. Everything you see with the body's eyes is an illusion. You have heard this before. The physical people in your life, who are projecting any unloving expression are not conscious of what they are, in that moment. It's not permanent and it's not reliable. If you use your 3D mind to decipher the 3D mind of another, as a way to Know Your true Self, you are adding to the illusion.

You will be enticed often. Invited to vibe with the darkness. But, and this is the most important part; not necessarily because you have made yourself worthy and attractive to the darkness, having thereby attracted horror. In some cases, you could be an easy target. Jesus was such a target, as was Martin Luther King. The darkness fights the hardest for the ones beaming Light in the world. Now, that's a catch! Get them, and you can get a slew of them. Any shining heart light on the planet will have challenges. The good news is that they are conscious. They don't turn outward for their relief. They turn within.

You can tune into lower vibrational frequencies a number of ways. One way is by using the concept of mirroring. There are many other ways. There was only one Cause that got you here. It was fear. There was only one effect: ego. Everything else since then has been a response to that one cause and it's effect. Either a response of acceptance and belief, or not.

You have many patterns of thought in your mind. You have a little file in the cabinet of your mind. Again, these were created long ago. Everything you are currently seeing and feeling will likely fall within one of your personal perceptive/vibratory patterns, based on either fear or love, in varying degrees. It's when you finally recognize a definite pattern that mirroring can be used constructively, with the right advisor. Even then, it's risky, if you are not willing to embrace your shadow self to a large degree. Shadow isn't really a very good word. It won't help you to embrace yourself early on. But, it's used often. This word, and others like them, were also designed by the ego mind to keep you in pain and disconnected. You can change the word. Pick one you like.

Your work with your Highest Guidance will require willingness to understand many things, over time. When you come across a familiar scenario in your life, bringing familiar feelings, the mirror concept can be useful, and I might use it respectfully during these times. But, the premise is somewhat different from what is being taught currently. I don't turn to 3D mirrors for the answers, I turn inward to my Self. Many call this Self, God, or Holy Spirit. It's all good. The 3D mirrors, in the form of what other minds/bodies are projecting, hold few reliable answers. Mirrors act primarily as the trigger point for the questions. All your answers are within your unique historical vibration. That's a huge file. No one in your physical life has analyzed it. Nor have you read theirs. No amount of laborious mirroring will show you your truth, or theirs. If we can at least agree on that, we can probably agree on the risk inherent in mirroring.

To a degree, we do have control over our life experience, in terms of how we respond to all we see and feel. We observe and we respond. I could argue that we are responding simultaneously to observing. They are not really separate, at first, except in terms of the quality of the foundational consciousness holding it. Once we invest sustained attention to what we are observing, we naturally create a living, breathing field of potential, dependent on the quality of our investment and the emotions in the foreground, expressed or not. But, the other factors listed above, also play a role in all manifestations, on all levels, and this is where the rubber meets the road. They must. For you are not separate from anything. There is no one else here but you/me We are One. In this sense, people teach that the mirror concept can be useful to you in showing you to yourself. But, why would a reasonable and wise mind look to illusionary creations to Know Thyself? There is Higher ground, where mirrors don't exist and knowledge is whole.

The Mirror concept is a deceptive tool concocted by a fearful ego to invoke shame and guilt. There is only love or fear. Nothing more. The additional words we have introduced to define fear is the ego's way of killing us a million ways. When we have seemingly conquered our envy, we can begin our work on sadness. After that, we can begin our work on anger. And on and on and on. It's all fear at the root. The mirror will tell you otherwise because that is what you are accustomed to seeing and believing about yourself. You think you are a total chaotic mess, and 3D mirrors will show you that you are a mess to keep you stuck working on yourself forever. Ego, when allowed, will keep you distracted and busy. Wonder where all the gum wrappers came from? That's ego biding her time.

Thought forms we label anger, sadness, pain, and such, are really not flat surface solo vibes. One single thought is alive and vibrant with ancient history. One thought of anything is as ancient as time itself and is the result of that history, as it is perceived by ALL living things observing it, past, present and future. I understand this is a hard concept to grasp. That's because we are seriously attached to linear time. That's another article. You are not a mess.

You simply forgot what you are. My favorite author, Marianne Williamson says, "In a moment of Grace (Self Realization), all Karma is burned."

While there is some measurable electric signatures for emotion, it is fear at the root. Remember this: When you see someone cry, do you know why they are crying? When you see someone scream in pain, do you know why they are in pain? When you see someone shout with anger, do you know why? Or will you use the mirror of your 3D perception to assume it is only a reflection of you. What you are seeing. Will you look on anger and see only anger and ascribe it to yourself. As in, "This must be about me and MY anger!" If you stop and think about that idea, you will recognize it is impossible, at this stage, to properly identify all that exists. Why do we slap labels on ourselves based on what our 3D mind is perceiving in 3D, as a direct result of the thoughts, words and actions of other 3D minds?

Anger is an effect of fearful thought/cause. It's the fearful thought that needs review. Not the emotional response to fear. When we mirror, we aren't asking what is that person's root fear? That would actually be quite rude, by most people's standards. We're left to assume, and my Father, Woodie Dean Rainbolt, had something to say about the word assume. Still makes me laugh. Additionally, we like things expedited. We simply zero in on the predominant expression and action and then adopt that as our truth. This is where things jump track. Once we have owned something, we get to keep it until we consciously change our mind about it. Then, if you begin a mirroring process, as a way to help yourself process the scene, you have jumped head first into the bottomless abyss. Ego loves it when this happens. There's a party every time.

My daughter burst into my room the other day in search of a lost shoe. I was laying down quietly. Her entry startled me, and I knee jerk responded with anger. She quickly left the room and slammed the door. She said, "You don't have to get mad!". Fact is, I was in pain. I have some wrist issues right now, and I was giving myself Reiki. You can see how the movie plaid out, without better information to process the scene. I can't picture her grabbing a fudgecicle and hitting the trampoline for a little dose of, "What does this say about me?"

When you witness your personal definition of anger in another, it does not mean that person is angry. It doesn't mean you are an angry person. You won't know what it means. That's why spiritual mirrors are deceptive. You can guess, or you can assume, or you can be still and know that all is well. The last thing you need to do is to own someone's anger as your own. I can name no less than 20 people in my own inner circle of friends that would argue they have challenges they did not invite. One can read the book, When Bad Things Happen To Good People to get a quickie lesson on how there are millions of exceptions to the mirror concept.

Love's way of showing you to yourself is never to invoke pain, confusion and more illusion. When you look outside yourself, while in pain, then consciously point the gun back at yourself, from guilt, you are not learning from Love's textbook. This is rooted in the idea of separation. Do you see that when you turn the finger away from them, and back on you, you are still pointing the finger at both of you?

A little bit on the Law of Attraction (LOA)
Some people have misunderstood Law Of Attraction. When you are consistently kind and generous, you might assume, based on LOA that the gifts of the Universe will come pouring in, kindly and generously. But, what do you do when your boss suddenly fires you from a job you love? Even with all your kindness and light? What if you attract people who are in trouble precisely because you are a kind and generous soul. What if you are the closest thing to love they have right now. Imagine that. It may not seem fair that you have attracted someone in your life who needs such kindness, generosity, time and patience. Immediately, you might get very angry with your God and say, "Why are you doing this? I have been consistently kind and generous. I have other plans! Things are supposed to look a lot different from this!" Maybe you just temporarily forgot how important you are to this whole earth/human thing. We ought to be cautious when we self-talk ourselves into generic things, or over analyze the deepest mechanics of the human experience. "A Course In Miracles" says we don't truly know what anything is for. And, that we should not let the past teach us now. It's good advice.

Bring your mistakes and pain to the light of Love and release it. When we quietly surrender what we are seeing, without guilt, in the silence of our deepest breath, amazing things happen. We save us all and no shame was needed. To ask your ego mind, what the other ego mind has shown you, to teach you what you are, is counterproductive.Step away from the mirror. The right remedy, minus the guilt, will come. Don't point fingers outward or inward. Reject the temptation to wither and die a slow painful death. Forgive yourself now, and put a sign on the mirror. I AM Light. Period. Your chance will come again, to confirm your suspicions. Either way.

Copyright © 2006
Sheree Rainbolt-Kren is a certified Reiki Master and an Ordained Minister with World Reiki Ministry. She teaches Reiki and spiritual dowsing. Ms. Rainbolt-Kren also facilitates online healing workshops for the Inner Child and Weight Issues. No one is ever turned away for the inability to pay. All is well.

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