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'The Path' by William J. Cozzolino

Book review and excerpt

Bill Cozzolino has devoted a lifetime of study to the workings of the mind and the potential of the human spirit. His book, 'The Path' is the clearest and most comprehensive account of spiritual philosophy that I've encountered, and it offers a refreshing change from 'believing' to understanding our very nature as creative spirit beings. The book reveals:

  • A detailed description of how the mind creates reality for us, why our reality appears limited, and steps we can take to expand our awareness. Many examples of the hidden power of the human mind - the potential we all possess.
  • A detailed description and powerful method of meditation. The complete process of transition at the time of physical 'death.' Know what to expect.
  • A step-by-step journey through the transpersonal realm - the awareness beyond awareness. Two powerful methods of gaining Balance and transcending physical awareness. The truth about reincarnation and karma - the illusions of limitation.
  • A step-by-step guide to discovering the Master Within. 'The Path' is a logical, concise exploration of our reality and our relationship to it. There is no concept, no science, and no belief that these teachings do not embrace.
Many of the most integral questions we ask deal with reality. What is it? Where does it come from? Who controls it? Cozzolino has devoted his life to these questions, and with the help of his Master, has illuminated some new concepts, and answers.
We have learned that the mind runs programs in response to our attention. When our attention is focused on our movie of consensus reality, these programs filter and refine the energy of our holographic world and project it onto our view screen of awareness. What we experience when this happens is the result of our paradigm, the matrix of limiting thought that follows us from reality to reality. This is true of any movie of reality, be it the movie of consensus reality or a movie in a personal dream. We know that where our attention is, so is our movie. We remain in Balance when we maintain awareness of the nature of our movie of reality even while we experience it. The ability to focus our attention is the single most important element in our development. This is true here in our movie of reality as well as in awareness of The One.

It's our ability to focus our attention that resulted in our paradigm and its presentation of Maya. It is our ability to focus our attention on the source of our reality that allows us to remain in Balance. And it is the ability to focus our attention that leads to freedom from the movie we call reality.

Let's look at the process again. The mind runs programs in response to sensory information and holographic awareness. This presentation of our reality takes place when our physical senses receive information from our movie of reality. The mind knows what program it will run well in advance of the time our movie of reality requires it, but it presents the program to our conscious view screen as if it is happening that instant. Integration is a constant practice of remaining aware of this process in our mind while we participate in the movie of reality. Integration leads to Balance, and freedom from the programs of our paradigm.

All experience is a product of our mind, and all experience is dreamlike in nature. We have learned to believe that our mind's participation in reality is awareness. But what we have come to call awareness, the awareness we use in our experience in consensus reality, is really the activity of our mind solving the problems of our perceived reality. Our awareness of our holographic self is filtered through our paradigm and presented as a comparison or evaluation of ourselves with others and our place in this movie. It is through this process that we believe our awareness originates, but the process itself virtually eliminates the awareness of our nature as holographically connected beings. The resulting presentation, the presentation we think of as awareness, is not awareness at all. Severely filtered to give the illusion of separation from the whole, what we think is awareness is actually the activity of our mind and its paradigm.

And we have been taught to give our attention to this activity. We have learned to accept this limited presentation and are rewarded for giving our attention to it. When we are able to focus our attention on this activity we gain a "place" in our reality and arrive at what we believe is a self-identity.

Attention to this paradigm activity, this problem solving activity, is the foundation on which our social structure is based and is the driving force for our education system. In our social and technological paradigm, cultures that have not developed attention to this process are viewed as backward. Yet, these cultures often display abilities that cannot be defined within our paradigm. We know of cultures that never invented the wheel or telescope, yet have mapped the solar system in a detail that we are just now able to verify. Isolated, seemingly backward tribes of people have been found that have accurate descriptions of the stars beyond our solar system. Other cultures remained isolated in one place on the earth, yet possessed information and detailed drawings of all the peoples of the earth. Our scientists ponder these conundrums, searching for an explanation that fits within their paradigm. But they have never looked within; they have never looked to the process by which our mind constructs reality.

Being consumed every waking moment of our day by the problem solving activity of our mind is not awareness at all. Each and every thought we experience has its origin in Mind — in the pure holographic potential of The One. There is no other source of thought. Each and every thought arises in Mind without separation, limitation, or meaning, and in full Balance between the potential for experience and holographic awareness of The One. Our natural identity is not separate from the whole. This holographic awareness is available just behind the activity of the paradigm, behind the thought activity we have learned to believe is self-awareness.

The Skyhero site represents the work of William J. Cozzolini, including his wonderful book, 'The Path' (many further excerpts are available online) and also some very effective Binaural CDs at great prices.

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