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5 Tips to Write Engagingly for Bulk SMS Marketing

sms marketing

By Andrew Thompson

Today, many businesses, big or small, use SMS marketing to promote their goods and services. The latest trend is bulk SMS marketing tactics employed by e-commerce businesses. The reasons for sms marketing are many. These are implementation, no need to write ad content, cost-effective for startups, reliable for mobile users, and easily measurable results. Today, your targeted audience use smartphones, thus making bulk SMS marketing a gainful method to communicate and reach out to your targeted customers. Studies show that bulk SMS marketing is successful and extremely impressive.

Numerous studies show that 20 percent to 30 percent of your prospective customers open marketing messages. Again, SMS accounts for 98 percent open rate, 47 percent of beneficiaries click on the message URL to buy your products, 32 percent of beneficiaries respond to company offers and 31 percent respond to poll invitations. Besides, 90 percent of the people read text messages within three seconds and six billion people use smartphones.

According to an article published on, SMS marketing could be your powerful marketing strategy in 2019. That is because people check their smartphones 80 times a day and therefore, it is no wonder why open rates for SMS are so high. Here are five essential tips for writing engaging messages for bulk SMS marketing:

1. Know your audience to build a contact list

Know who your customers are before starting an SMS marketing campaign. It will make your marketing efforts bear positive results. Learn why you are pitching and why a specific consumer would like to buy your product or service. When it comes to bulk SMS marketing, every message should be client-focused and composed accordingly.

The right message tailored to your customers will help you make the most out of the SMS marketing campaign. Similarly, the same text message to a wrong customer may affect your campaign adversely. Therefore, in order to know about the customer to reach out, create a contact list including your existing, past, and future consumers. The data you have will help you determine what your customers’ purchasing goals are and ensure you integrate the data relevant to their purchasing location and history.

Consider sign up campaigns to reach out to your best clients. Make sure your campaign educates your customers about your products or services so that they are motivated to join the messaging list. The success of your bulk SMS marketing campaign depends on the number of clicks on the message URL and connecting with your business.

2. Use the right keywords in your bulk SMS campaign

The use of search terms such as ‘Send OFFERS’ to 5252XXX to avail attractive discounts from your nearest store is the best way to increase your customer list who would like to get your text messages. It is one of the simple ways to increase the opt-in list of your potential buyers. It makes bulk SMS marketing less pushy because you send SMS to only those people who chose to receive your message alerts. Additionally, if you want to learn more about bulk SMS marketing tips and tricks, you can visit websites like

The use of the right keywords for the opt-in list protects your brand’s credibility because most of the recipients give you permission to send text messages to them. When composing messages for your bulk marketing campaign, make sure the recipient is interested in your deal or offer.

3. Offer value to your customers

Make sure every message you send is worth your customers’ time. Avoid being insistent or hard selling your products or services. Make sure your bulk SMS marketing campaign does not become an imposition. Offer value to your customers instead. The campaign should not waste the time of consumers who are not interested in your products. Do not promote deals and discounts they have no interest to use or avail.

Though a couple of bulk SMS campaigns are challenging, quizzes, contests, attractive discounts, and giveaways make SMS marketing lucrative for your targeted audience. These messages will not annoy your customers and can even restore lost revenues. The best way to determine the performance of your bulk SMS campaign is tracking the results. If your potential customers pay heed to your call-to-action (CTA) and inquire about your products or make a purchase, your SMS marketing is driving good results.

4. Personalize your text messages

Every client is different and therefore, you should personalize your SMS marketing campaign depending on the persona of your targeted audience. Use their names instead of mentioning the word, ‘client’ in the text messages. The content of the message should be warm and friendly as if a consumer is opening a text message from his or her friend. To cut a long story short, tailor the message to specific audience groups. Study details like age, gender, purchase history, location, and likes or dislikes when sending SMS to your targeted audience.

Researching on your customers’ demographic details will help you target the right audience in less time. Opt for the mail merge option of bull SMS marketing application and include names and related information into your text messages to make them more personalized for your audience. Integrate your company name and include branding elements in the text messages to create the maximum impact.

5. Keep the text messages simple and concise

Pick your words very carefully when sending bulk text messages to your existing and potential customers. Make your point directly without beating about the bush so that your consumers know what they should expect from your deal. Keep the copy simple and concise. Maintain the SMS character limit of 160 characters that helps you to use short, simple sentences. Be direct but avoid overdoing.

The key to the success of SMS marketing conversions depends on how fast you communicate your message. The text content should be relevant to your brand and avoid the use of caps, emoticons, and abbreviations. When customers open your SMS, they welcome you to their private space. Therefore, respect your customers’ time and offer your deal in a conversational manner.


Now that you have these tips in front you, implement them in your bulk SMS marketing strategy to boost sales and revenues.

About the author:
Andrew Thompson is an experienced blogger who has written articles for several renowned blogs and websites about various uses of social media to engineer more business traffic on business websites. You can visit websites like
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