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Workday Announces New Features for
Digital Transformation Solution

Workday has announced the addition of additional orchestration, Workday Extend now has data and logical capabilities., with the goal of assisting organizations in their efforts to accelerate digital transformation and increase the value of your business, boost employee involvement and boost organizational agility. Get this Workday training from the well-experienced industrial trainers who will aid you in mastering Workday concepts which include basic navigation, business objects, related action menus, landing pages, slide-out tabs, search, hyperlinks, single and multi-select prompt fields, actionable reports, additional navigation topics, etc. 

Workday claims that the new feature allows for higher-value applications that boost employee involvement while also connecting data from the workplace is sent to third-party platforms. Customers could now streamline their IT stack and improve the security of their HR and financial data, allowing them to get the most out of their existing IT investment with the least amount of risk.

Jim Stratton, Workday's CTO, says “Our worldwide customers want solutions that enable business-first methodologies – the type that distinguishes them, future-proofs their present investments, and propels inventive new business models”.

“Workday Extend bridges the gap between IT demands and capacity, allowing businesses to reliably and securely keep up with the rapid speed of change”.

The Extended subscription of Workday now includes Workday Orchestrate as a result of the upgrade. This implies that application developers may integrate third-party systems and Workday to orchestrate financial and human processes.

Eric Chung, Sun Life's HR director for technological innovation, says “Thanks to our team's expertise with technology in the workday and faith in their governance approach, we were able to design and launch comprehensive Workday Extend apps in only a few weeks”.

“Workday app development is quick and safe because of our ability to leverage existing data structures and design standards”.

According to Krishna, Netflix's people technology manager, the latest changes have provided the corporation additional flexibility.

The development's Gundihithlu says “Using Workday Extend, we were able to construct an employee self-service stock app, which has helped us streamline the stock registration process and reduce stock option-related questions for the finance team”.

“We can confidently spin up new applications like this to match our specific needs and get greater value from our Workday investment since we can utilize the security and privacy controls within Workday's trusted enterprise management cloud”.

According to Mickey North Rissa, vice president of IDC's enterprise applications and digital commerce program: “Workday Extend, which includes the new Workday Orchestrate and also data and logic capabilities, puts the firm on a new path by allowing clients to use Workday to assist them to speed their digital transformation journey”.

“The aim is to increase the value of Workday's people and finance data and processes for customers and partners alike, and Workday has accomplished this with today's release.”

Five New Features for the Workday

Workday's constant evolution is among the most valid reasons to choose this over a legacy system. Users may expect two upgrades every year, ensuring that they are always working with the most up-to-date version of Workday.

However, with each update bringing a slew of new features and enhancements, choose which ones to emphasize may be difficult, especially for small businesses. That's why having an experienced release management partner to take you through each upgrade is a fantastic idea.

A specialized Workday service partner can not only discover the best new features but can also provide suggestions based on how your organization uses Workday.

Keep reading to know more about Workday 2020 R1's most notable features.

1) Integration with Google Calendar for Workday Interview Scheduling

Every Workday update has two objectives: streamlining operations and minimizing user effort. Users can now integrate Workday with Google Calendar to schedule interviews, establish interview teams, and manage interview comments, all of which have the potential to accelerate the hiring process.

2) Duplicate Records Prevention While Contracting and Hiring 

Data hygiene is crucial to working properly, regardless of the software you use. As a result, the most recent Workday update makes it easier for customers to avoid creating duplicate records when employing employees or contingency workers. Workday has increased users' ability to identify persons who may already be in your system by using extended search parameters that include names, email addresses, and phone numbers.

3) Applicant Offer Documentation Regeneration

Amendments to an offer letter are sometimes required after it's been accepted. That's why, in line with the concept of boosting efficiency and lowering effort, Workday has made it easier for users to regenerate and resend already accepted offer documents, further improving the hiring process for Workday customers.

4) Corrections to Worker Start Dates

Workday has made it easy to amend worker start dates and inform groups in the same manner that they've made it simple to regenerate and resend offer letters. Users may utilize this feature to have date updates and other associated actions processed automatically so that they can respond flexibly to changing situations with little manual work.

5) Mobile Payments

It may be more convenient for certain Workday customers to utilize the Workday app than the Workday website. However, if you want to learn about your upcoming pay date, pay history, or year-to-date net pay, you'll have to zoom in on a small type. Workday 2020 R1 improves the visual experience for users, lowering their effort even further.

Digital Transformation Challenges of Workday 

When it comes to onboarding staff to digital tools that are new, organizations confront numerous challenges. In many circumstances, both the employee and the company may find the workday onboarding process overwhelming. The software's vast features can make it difficult for users to adopt it.

Let's take a look at some of the factors that contribute to Workday's adoption with the low user.

Enriched Feature interface: 

  • Workday's comprehensive features come at the expense of often protracted navigations.
  • Employees require appropriate and individualized training to prevent drop-offs and the program that is used infrequently.
  • Employees spend a lengthy duration outside the program looking for help and then returning to finish activities within the program.

Rollout at Organizational level:

  • Implementations in the workplacehave an impact on every single individual in the company.
  • When employees are dispersed over geographies, roles, and functions, onboarding and adoption can be difficult.

Inaccessible assistance:

  • It might be time-consuming to provide personalized and also in assistance with a customized Workday instance.

Continuous Upgradation:

  • Workday makes a number of UI changes to the system and also introduces a number of latest features.
  • Although constant product changes benefit platform advancement, they necessitate personnel learning and relearning the platform's utilization, which may obstruct their everyday workflows.
  • Using a standard Workday onboarding process, it's difficult to keep workers informed about changes.

Methods of Traditional Training:

  • Workday onboarding and training is a significant aspect in the process of implementation. Developing the training content and onboarding is time-consuming and expensive, particularly if it has to be updated on a regular basis.
  • Traditional onboarding and training approaches for Workday aren't real-time or continuous, and they don't cater to the various workers’ styles of learning.

Employees may use digital assistance to onboard apps such as Workday that are directed using various workflows as immediately as they open the app. The Platforms of Digital Adoption provide digital advice while also ensuring smooth Workday onboarding, long-term platform adoption, and efficient training. Here is how to do it:

Personalize the process of onboarding

  • With simple walkthroughs that take your workers through their every life cycle phase, you can provide a seamless Workday onboarding experience.
  • The initial call-to-action for new workers should be role-dependent.
  • Keep staff engaged by the tours of a product that is guided. Even a brief dashboard walkthrough and easy activities such as filling in account details will help to smooth down the onboarding process of Workday.

Reduction of training efforts

  • Create walkthroughs that are interactive and self-help of an in-app to enable staff to rapidly become comfortable with the product.
  • The intelligent segmentation that is automated provides ongoing self-help and training materials according to the behavior, location, and role of employees.
  • Training is offered at the point of necessity, internal to the program, permitting users to put what they've learned into practice right away.
  • Human interaction is not required with systematic instructions.

Workday Onboarding with Task Lists of In-App 

  • Integrate the task list of Workday onboarding with key tasks related to specific employee roles inside the program to help new employees understand what is required of them.
  • Task lists for workday onboarding provide a gamification aspect to the process of onboarding. Checking the list of items will provide staff a sense of accomplishment as they complete tasks. It may seem easy, but don't underestimate gamification's ability to encourage and engage new employees.


Workday has the potential to revolutionize your company's HR operations, but only when your training processes and onboarding are effective enough to ensure widespread adoption. To get the maximum of your Workday investment, you'll need to use Digital Adoption Platforms. The workday training course online assists you in acquiring the required knowledge.

Author Bio:

Bagudam Joshiram, Technical graduate in Computer Science, Digital Marketing professional at HKR Trainings. I Aspire to learn new things to grow professionally. My articles focus on all modules of Workday and trends. You can follow me on LinkedIn.

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