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5 Things to Consider While
Using IGTV for Marketing

Instagram TV (IGTV) is the new day TV where brands create long-structured recordings to gather engagement, tie up with known and famous personalities, and rework their marketing strategies. IGTV is an independent application where common users can post videos at least 1 minute long. In its latest update, Instagram has also introduced an IGTV series feature where users can upload videos based on any theme on a weekly or monthly basis. 

This keeps the consistency and serves you to gain more Instagram followers and buys you ample Instagram views. Earlier, users had to make an IGTV channel in order to upload videos. But Instagram has made it much more convenient for users and using some of the best instagram services is the pro tip. Now users are required to have an Instagram account only, and they can upload videos. 

Mentioned below are a few ways to use IGTV for marketing:

1. Target new crowd by repurposing your recently distributed Video content 

IGTV is an ideal stage where you can reuse your old clips which went viral, by giving them another look. Those old videos that are uploaded on other social media handles can be easily reused. You can reuse your blogs and make a video around them as short tips and listicles are highly informative and educative. If the video has been shot horizontally, then edit it in such a way that it fits the vertical format of IGTV and gets shared. This method of repurposing videos for IGTV will help you analyse what the viewers want to watch and how they react to such videos. This information can be significant since you can buy Instagram views and followers for your page. 

2. Create a niche audience through exclusive content

It is necessary to have a committed crowd base for your IGTV channel. Once in a blue moon, ensure that you appeal to the crowd that has remained by your side for quite a while. Uploading exclusive and exotic content is one way to draw their attention. This will give the crowd a regular update of attractive content and will help them get associated with the brand on a personal and emotional level. This will give them a sense of possessiveness. Short clips of behind the scenes (BTS) are nothing but genuine. Viewers love such content since they like seeing genuine stories and characters and are interested in how the video is shot, how the actor's act, and so on. Other exclusive contents that can be shared are company get-togethers, sessions conducted, trade shows, and panel discussions with some eminent dignitaries. Testimonials can also be shared as a part of marketing strategy. 

3. Upload Educational Videos

IGTV is the best platform where you can share informative content that is extremely instructive in nature and has a two-way advantage. To begin with, it is instructive and purposive for the viewers. Second, it lets you feature the product that will help you in advancing your business which thus will gain you more Instagram followers and buy you Instagram views. Educational content like tutorials, how-tos etc are the most ideal approach to introduce your product. This will show your viewers something new and they can follow you and your brand. Create a collage of ample tutorials and informative video content for your audience. Viewers will find it catchy and won’t resist themselves from watching long videos. 

4. Keep up the consistency with recurring show

IGTV is today’s television. You can share a weekly or a monthly video at a recurring time since people are fond of predictability. Show consistency in the video content that you upload on IGTV. This requires judiciousness and meticulousness since you need to plan the content that you will upload for the entire duration. However, the hard work is worth it, because you upload content on a daily basis, and viewers would wait to watch the upcoming video on your IGTV channel. The comments dropped work as morale boosters for the content curators. 

5. Interact directly with the audience by holding Q&A or AMA

Instagram has a good feature that can be used to profit one's business. Some of them are questions & answers and ask me anything. This improves commitment as well as gives valuable information to all along with solving their queries. If you showcase yourself and your brand as open, answerable, and committed, then people will find you and your brand trustworthy. They will depend more upon you and your brand which gains Instagram likes and followers, but also builds a brand image in the community. Host a pre-planned Q&A meeting dependent on the normal inquiries that you gather prior to holding the meeting or the questions which are dropped in the comment box, shoot a video addressing those inquiries, and post it on your channel. Use the Instagram stickers for the reason and later react to them in your video. Ask me anything (AMA) will help you in understanding what your customers expect from you. This is entirely important as it will give you useful reactions and will also give you suggestions to improve in your weak areas. 

IGTV channel gives your customers the chance to know you profoundly. It assists you with advancing your business better by sharing more information and furthermore other content that wouldn’t have been accomplished. It is an extraordinary stage for showcasing and building a better engagement.

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